Exhibition Stand Builders in UAE

Best Trade Show Tips and Tricks From Exhibition Stand Builders in UAE

Trade shows with boring backdrops and row after row of tables with draped cloth is something all of us have got tired of seeing. If you are planning to take part in a trade show or exhibition in Dubai, your stand should be unique and only then it will get the attention of the attendees.
People will not be interested if you are not interesting. How can you make your stand interesting?
Exhibition Stand Builders will be able to solve this problem for you. If you are ready to invest, then you will get a remarkable trade show booth designed with the help of exhibition stand builders in UAE
Expo stands builders can create an outstanding trade show booth. However, you should also be able to give them the proper guidance. You must be sure about your objectives and aims. And together you can weave magic.
Here are some ideas to get started:

1) Make Your Booth Unique

A lot of time and money goes into organizing trade shows. It is a huge investment. While taking part in a trade show, a majority of investment goes into the making of the booth. So you need to ensure that it is unique in every way. The best option is to invest in an expensive booth that you can use and re-use for years to come. This avenue of marketing won’t yield results if you’re going to be cheap about your booth selection.
Moreover, while selecting a booth make versatility a priority so that it can be modified to different sizes.

2) Dominate the Scene

The best way to create an interactive and fun experience, and grab the attention of attendees is through giveaways. The promotional items you select will create buzz around your trade show presence and impact your overall ability to attract attention. With crappy pen giveaways, you most likely won’t dominate the scene.
The key is to invest in high quality and unique promotional items. If you’re worried about the cost, remember that you don’t need to give it to everyone visiting your stand. Give them to select clients or real prospects. For all the attendees you can give inexpensive but quality items.
You need to aim for maximum impact when it comes to big item giveaways. You can have games (more on that later) based on your brand in your booth. Real prospects should be the beneficiaries of these items. Also, make sure to collect contact information while you hand out these goodies so that you can follow up after the show.

3) Host a Game 

While your competing entities have nothing but brochures you can have a fun game in your booth relevant to your industry. Most of the attendees will end up in your booth. You along with expo stand builders can come up with quizzes that are not boring but fun, relevant and amusing to create a positive impact. 
Your aim should be to collect information and you will be able to make use of this opportunity. 

4) Demo Your Service or Product

If you are focusing on a product or service, demonstrate how unique and valuable it is. Each attendee who comes to your booth is like a sales call you to make. An added advantage here is you get to meet your prospective clients face-to-face. Make the demos fun and interactive. Try to involve the attendees. Instead of explaining its features focus on the value you can offer to the audience.

5) Use Technology

To give an exhibitor the upper hand many modern technologies can be applied to the trade show environment.
To attract attention expo stand builders are increasingly using interactive touch screens and digital signage. This can be used to educate consumers, and to showcase testimonials. 
These elements can be used to showcase testimonials and educate consumers. It is these unique touches that distinguish an exhibitor from the rest.
Another technology you can use is proximity marketing. If there are any special offers you can send the messages to their mobile phones when they wander near your booth.

6) Stay Active on Social Media

Your social media presence can contribute to your overall trade show success. You will be able to connect not only with the attendees but also those who could not make it to the show.
You can demonstrate that you are worth checking out if you do it right. To make visitors easily find your posts actively use trade show related hashtags.
Additionally, through your posts, those who did not make it to the show can experience the event. You never know, the person watching you on social media could be a real prospect.

Be outstanding

Trade show marketing can demonstrate a true ROI and can be a rewarding experience. To help you reach your goals one of the most important elements is getting a remarkable trade show booth designed by your expo stand builder.