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Exhibition Stand Design Companies Dubai

Do you want to get better results from exhibitions and trade shows? Do you want your exhibition stand designs to attract visitors in their tracks? Buyers and sellers who meet at trade shows will be eager to learn what you are offering. However, you will have to face stiff competition in the direct vicinity, and will have to take steps to make sure that buyers won’t miss your booth to overcome the problem. Explore Exhibition stand design companies in Dubai will help you achieve your goals. 

Here is how:

Booking booths at prime location

Location is very important when it comes to trade shows and exhibitions. Exhibition stand design companies in Dubai will be able to book prime location booths. However, look into this early because most of these locations sell out fast so you will have to approach the design companies well in advance. When negotiating your contract it is something to consider. If you are planning to attend an exhibition or trade show every year you can book them a year in advance.

Get the Look

 Good looking booths attract more buyers. Exhibition stand design companies in Dubai will put in extra effort into the design of your booth to make it look as attractive as it could be so that visitors walking by will be tempted to visit your booth. By using the optimum lighting and clear signs they will design the booth in such a way that the branding or messaging will be clear and visible from all directions.

Make Your Booth Approachable

In addition to having appealing design and that ‘right look’, your booth should be approachable. Exhibition stand design companies in Dubai will provide professional booth attendants with a pleasant disposition because smiling faces are very important if you want the maximum footfall in your booth. To appeal to different people they will also provide a variety of different display options like reading materials, flyers, and pamphlets. They may even provide video demos. And provide plenty of booth staff to engage with the visitors at all times.

Booth Hosts

 A trained booth host to answer simple questions and direct buyers to the right staff is a necessity. Exhibition stand design companies in Dubai will provide trained booth host. 

Offer show Specials/ contents / promotions

 Exhibition stand design companies will pull all strings to make your stall as attractive and inviting as possible by using offers, contests and promotions to woo visitors. They will also make sure to highlight discounts and special offers so that visitors won’t miss it. Everyone likes to win something and such offers will attract people to your booth.

Snacks and Drinks

Trade show attendees will have to walk around a lot. So they will appreciate if you could offer drinks and snacks. In line with your company theme or culture, exhibition stand companies will offer drinks or snack. Your branding or business card will be attached to any packaging like bottled water. This will help them remember where they received it from.

Show Your Expertise

To trade show attendees you need to offer something of value. For instance, you can offer information about the top places to dine out if the attendees are coming from other countries. Exhibition stand design companies in Dubai will take care of this.

Reach Out on Social Media

For any trade show a social media marketing plan in a must. Exhibition stand design companies in Dubai will make the maximum use of social media to engage the correct leads during the planning stage itself. Through social media they may offer special incentives and invite them to your booth.

Promotional Products

At any exhibition or trade show branded gifts and promotional products are a staple. Exhibition stand design companies in Dubai will help you choose the right promotional product and giveaways like pens, bags, cups and mugs, folders, notepads, electronic gadgets etc, that are useful to the consumer and relevant to your brand. This will make your investment worthwhile.

Most Creative Exhibition Stand Design Company in Dubai

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