Exhibition stand design in Dubai

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Exhibition Stand Design in Dubai

Organising an exhibition is not a difficult task anymore. Thanks to exhibition stand companies in Dubai that design knock-out exhibition displays that draws in your target audience. Exhibition companies are the number one choice for a fast, reliable and hassle-free exhibition setup experience. However, to make an exhibition stand design unique and deliver your key message is not an easy task. Here is the ultimate cheat sheet on exhibition to help with your design thinking.

Make an instant impact

To get the attention of the many visitors looking to do business in a huge exhibition hall is a daunting task. Your exhibition stand should make an instant impact. A few seconds is all the time you get before people move onto the next exhibition stand. 

Location matters

Consider carefully where you will be positioned in the exhibition hall and how you are going to design your displays. Think about what you want visitors to see from the entrance door or from the aisles. 

Be bold and creative

Show visitors something bold and creative that makes them want to visit your exhibition stand. Also, plan all the possible routes visitors will use to approach your stand. Don’t put important elements at the floor level. Place elements such a way that your customers can see them from a distance. This will help you to draw their attention away from your competitors’ stand. 

Maximize your space

Space comes at a premium, so make sure that you utilise every inch, including the airspace above.

Keep it clear and concise

This is a common mistake exhibitors make. State your solution by getting to the root of the problem. Your display will be effective if visitors are able to grasp your message within a matter of seconds or even less. Visitors won’t have the patience to go through a lengthy text. So your message should be lucid, brief and to the point. Save all the details for your brochure or website.  

Pay attention to image quality

Make your exhibition graphics innovative, and always display good quality images. You might have to shell out more, but it is worth the money spent.  You entire exhibition will fail to make an impact if you use unclear images. Work with a designer and create your company logo, and keep the original files with you. 

Think technology

Use the latest technology for your stand design. Make use of interactive exhibits that can display your creation. You can also use audio visuals to get your message across. You must have an iPad at the stall so that you can get the visitors to register to your newsletter. Engage your customers by running a twitter feed. To be precise, your stall must be lively and interactive so that it will grab the attention of the visitors and you will get quality leads.

Light the way

Lighting is a vital design element in big as well as small exhibition stands. You can use spotlights, LEDs, down lights, flood lights, up lights, and light boxes to draw attention to products and displays within your exhibition stand. Proper lighting is essential to give your stand a sophisticated and classy look.

Right Mix of Colour

Colour is an important element, which can build the right mood and image for your exhibition stand. Graphics, props, carpets, frames, furniture, lighting, and even clothes that the staff members wear can all be used to enhance the overall look of your exhibition design. It is better to avoid using too many contrasting colours. Use the right mix of colour contrasts to make your exhibition excel in the midst of the competition.

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