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Exhibition Stand Dubai: Innovative Ideas for Your Next Show in Dubai

Exhibition industry in Dubai is a progressively rising sector always looking forward to creative and innovative ideas. To get noticed in a trade show or exhibition in Dubai and meet your end goal, your stand needs to be innovative, look exceptional, and attract the maximum visitors. One of the sole things that woo visitors is innovative exhibition stands Dubai. The more unique and creative you are the more are the chances of your exhibition space becoming the most talked about thing at the show. But what if you have not been able to get in the best looking exhibition stand design for your next show? Here are a few innovative exhibition stand ideas to entice more visitors to your stall.

Creatively designed Innovative Exhibition Stands Dubai

It is from superior thoughts and advancements that innovative exhibition stands originate. A great way of showcasing your services, brands and products are through a carefully made custom exhibition stand. Through customized exhibition stand designs you can elevate your brand presence. You will need the support of the best exhibition stall builders and designers in Dubai to create the most appealing stand designs for you. You can get attractive exhibition stand designs with the help of highly experienced and trained exhibition stand designers and capture maximum attention. To create a special picture of your brand image you will need large, massive custom structures. It will make you the showstopper of your next exhibition as well as help engage more visitors. These tailor-made personalized exhibition stands are built with highly imaginative, thoughtful stand design ideas, which help attract maximum show visitors and give you more brand coverage.

Augmented reality

By using Augmented Reality you can overcome the physical limitations of an event venue and bring your brand to life by engaging with your audience. This will give the delegates an exciting experience, which will also draw crowds.  

Quizzes, games and more!

Quizzes, games and other demonstrations are one of the best creative stall design ideas. Gamification is growing in popularity. To draw a group of unfamiliar audiences games are a great way and it is fun. Something that is challenging and fun will help attract visitors and keep them engaged for a long time. You can create numerous quizzes and games related to your services, products and brand. In your exhibition stand, you can conduct these games and let your audience indulge in these ideas. First of all, do a bit of research on your target audience and then conduct the quizzes. You must take their interests into consideration while preparing quizzes and should give prizes as well. These creative ideas can never go wrong!

The best are freebies!

Everyone likes freebies. For the visitors to your stall get some gifts and freebies. It can be innovative freebies, jackets, pens, etc with the branding of your company.
Exhibition stall designs with themes
Give your exhibition stands a touch of theme-oriented stall designs. You must incorporate into your exhibition stand design the theme of your brand. For this, you will need the help of some of the leading exhibition stand designers Dubai who can offer you a range of themes that can suit your brand’s specific requirements.

Photo Booths

Visitors will have fun at your stall if there is a photo booth. They will be eager to take photos with their friends. You can even ask them to caption their photo that relates back to your brand. The visitors will also be happy to share their photo and caption on social network sites.


To help visitors find the way around the show iBeacons could be placed around the exhibition hall. To help draw them as they walk past your trade stand it can be used to send precise promotion messages to their smartphone.


Prior to the event, via social media encourage your audience to ask questions about issues relating to your industry. This can be used to engage a wider exhibition audience online.

Knowledge share

To get as many people around the stand involved use a presenter who has lots of humour and charisma and let him or her host product demos at your stand. This will give you an opportunity to interact with passerby. 

Look for creative methods 

Give your exhibition booth a touch of creativeness and innovation with the help of the latest technologies. To incorporate a dash of best innovative ideas into your exhibition stand try and fit in virtual merchandising, 3D mapping, audio-visual product demos and project mapping. Create a workplace, coffee and touchdown area. Create a workspace area for people to recharge their mobile phones, catch up on emails, and enjoy a free cup of coffee. But this is possible only if you have space. Visitors must give their details if they want to use the wifi. They must give their email address to get a coffee. This will help you generate more leads by giving a personalized experience.
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