Major Factors to Improve your Exhibition Stands Appearance & Functionality?

Compare with past Exhibition experiences

Comparisons help and so do past experiences:

• What happened last time?

• What was competition doing to attract?
• What were your exhibition stand’s pros and cons?
• How many visits did finally amount to any real business leads?

Queries like these are the first step to improvement in your exhibition stand. An exhibition stand is a judicious mix of various disciplines of which interior architecture, interior design and shop design make the most important chunk. The appearance and functionality of the exhibition stand comes with a fine balance of the disciplines above.

The moment you have confirmed your participation in an event, the focus has to be on the exhibition stand because it is here that your company would be trying to make an impact during the event which may be of hours, days, weeks or months.

This three part blog will give you a peek into the real things that make a stand work and deliver to expectations. The first part relates to Appearance.

1.    Appearance

The aesthetic appearance of a stand is one of the most important factors that bring the visitors in. While designing the interior architecture and interior design, one has to study factors like:

  • Layout of the event – row, cluster or clover type of exhibition stands
  • Period of event – hours, days, weeks or months
  • Visitors Profile – Business, Business + Public, Public

1.1     An open design need not have an open architecture

The design should have a pleasant and non-inhibiting vibe. This need not exactly mean that it must be a open design. A creative design can also guide the visitor to explore and find out the treasures within. For eg: we can have a veil that invites the visitor, or a design which reveals only parts of a bright interior.

1.2    The choice of materials used

This goes a long way in helping create unique stands. Materials used should be in consonance with the functional requirement. Strength, flexibility, the ambient luster of the material, Natural or artificial fibre, eco sensitive or not are some of the parameters.

  1. If you have big objects to showcase, you need strength
  2. If you need an option of change display style over long months, you need flexibility
  3. If you are in the fashion industry, glossy and subtle should be evenly distributed
  4. If you are in the technical sector, you might need to impress with a industry look and so on

1.3    The choice of colours and lighting solutions

Though we usually say that corporate colors need be maintained, some products or collection or services can be launched with their own identity. This creates better recall. Lighting solutions play a major role in an exhibition stand.

  • It must accentuate the products
  • Create a comfortable atmosphere
  • Add jazz wherever necessary
  • Inapt lighting can shift focus to things you never wanted to showcase.