How to Improve Your Exhibition Stands Appearance and Functionality

Appearance’ and what goes it to have that wow look

As we have seen in the first part, exhibition stand design is an apt combination of multiple disciplines. We also took a closer look at the importance of ‘Appearance’ and what goes it to have that wow look. A hint of how to gauge the appearance was also given.

Now, taking it forward, we would throw some light on the functionality aspect of the design of an exhibition stand. Before we delve into that, we need to understand that participation by a company/client in an event is for multiple objectives.

Some broad classifications are:

  • To launch a product/service which again may be classified as:
    • A new in class
    • A variant to existing products by the same company or a competitor
  • To build a brand consciousness in a different territory
  • Communicate to a global audience
  • To relaunch a product or service which have received insufficient response earlier
  • To effectively communicate a corporate change like a merger
  • Inclusion of more responsible character such as environment

The functionality and design of an exhibition also are varied as it addresses these objectives. It also has to deliver in a given space. So, once the Appearance of the design is finalized, efforts are to make it most functional which is basically:

  • To have elements that engage a visitor and warm up the person for further interaction. Judicious interior design plays an important role here.
  • To have effective crowd management with multiple options of ‘meet’ if the stand has enough hosts. In the case of a few hosts, the crowd needs other assistive communication or props that hold the attention till attended to.
  • Last and most important, the stand should be able to disengage people without hampering the time allocations for other visitors. You don’t want a crowd milling around and a situation where no communication gets across to any of them effectively. Often, it happens that just because a stand is too crowded, many visitors bypass the stand.

Planning Space Utilisation

The functionality of an exhibition stand is enhanced to a great extent if the space utilization is planned well. Even corners and odd spaces can be made productive with a display stand, standees, a potted plant, a dangler, a high stool and the like. The graphic design of the stand also affects the visibility that a product or brand gets. And according to the industry, the stand needs to give the visitor a feel.