Clarity in UAE Exhibitions

The Importance of Clarity When Participating in UAE Exhibitions

Clarity on your exhibition purpose will make your experience in UAE exhibitions rewarding

You may be exhibiting at an event for unique reasons. It may be:

• Market research

• Product launch
• Testing the market of readiness for a new technology (especially if investment to develop it are on the higher side)
• Expanding services to new territories
• A re-branding of corporate image or something else.

The exhibition can give you the right signals as to how to channel your time and money in future. Visitor reaction to the stand is a barometer of sorts.

Why a clear purpose is key to success when Participating in UAE Exhibitions

You have to decide the focal point of the exhibition stand long before the event actually happens. As a company it is natural that you may have different products and services that may appeal to a certain target segment. Exhibiting too many of them in the exhibition stand may have an adverse effect which stems from the dispersal of viewer’s attention, the result being that none of the products or services registers an imprint on memory. This is disaster, after all that time, money and effort – you draw a blank.

Be clear about what you are going exhibit at UAE Exhibitions

Ask your marketing research team to give few suggestions.

  • Arrive at a consensus with the sales and product planning teams if these are conducive.
  • Make a short list with the inputs from different teams.
  • Review it against the backdrop of the event’s history, if any and the perceived visitors profile as suggested by the event organiser.
  • Deliberate with top management on the final approvals.
  • Explain your need to the exhibition stand designer and get their suggestion.
  • The local contractor can also guide you to better the effectiveness.
  • Focus on key Objective of the Exhibition

Remember, you have only about 3-5 seconds to make the impact and grab the visitor’s attention. If the concept of what you want to focus on is clear, the visualization of better stand becomes easier for the exhibition stand designer and the execution can deliver brilliant exhibiting stand that is able to attract the visitors to view and explore. For a country like UAE exhibition and trade vie for space and time. The visitors too have very little time to spare but there a whole lot of genuine queries.

Another thing to keep in mind is that once you are able to grab the visitor’s undivided attention at your exhibition stand, be sure that he/she  is able to understand what it is you are telling/showing them and that the communication be such that they decide to want to know more. Make it easy for them with clear, concise messaging without too much of beating around the bush and paraphernalia.

In today’s leaner, meaner world of UAE Exhibitions, every action counts and every decision has multi pronged effects. So, make a sound and visionary decision on what to exhibit and beat competition by making more inroads to the customer/client psyche with a good, effective and attractive exhibit.

Are you ready for the next event?

UAE exhibitions are a great opportunity for businesses to gain visibility and recognition for their brand. However, it is important to have a clear understanding of the goals and objectives of exhibiting before participating in one. Otherwise, the investment of time and money can be wasted. The Strokes exhibits team can support clients in defining the purpose of exhibiting and recommend an action plan to make it successful. Our team has extensive experience in UAE exhibitions and can provide invaluable guidance throughout the process. We will work with you to ensure that your exhibiting experience is positive and profitable. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you make the most of UAE exhibitions.