Big 5 Dubai

Guide to Understand a Perfect Booth Design for Big 5 Show

You might have gone through a variety of blogs and articles about trade show designs. Some suggest you to focus the colors and patterns. Others suggest you a bundle of tips. But there are some minor details which make a trade show booth the perfect one.

The total personality of a Big 5 booth is a combination of many things. Unfortunately, many people discuss about the elements which attract the visitors from some distance. However; have you ever thought why many visitors just run away from your stand after visiting it for a short time? It is because you have not prepared your booth for entangling the visitors for a long time.

When you are presenting on an appealing trade show or exhibition like Big 5 show Dubai, you automatically get a pretty good number of visitors. However; the time the visitors would stay on your stand depends on how perfect your stand is.

The first step to make your exhibition booth a perfect one is to follow the rules and regulations of the exhibition. It will give you peace of mind and you will be able to work on the booth without worrying about legal problems. The exhibition rules and regulations include almost everything starting from your pre-show marketing to collecting the visitor data. Make sure that none of the rules is missed.

The second step is to confirm some information and keep you updated about it. This information includes telecommunication, transportation, handling, packing, booth location, facility layout, energy suppliers, café and restaurants, freight deliveries, and storage etc.

Now your major operations are complete and satisfying. The next step is to make your stand desirable that people from all around are attracted towards you. For making your stand desirable, you have two choices. Upgrade your shell stand or work on a customized stand. Customized stands are more dominant and they are remembered more by the people because they stand a different position in the show. However; the appearance of the stand is not the only thing sufficient to attract the people. There are some small factors which contribute a lot.

Lighting helps you create illusions. Creativity is always loved by the exhibition visitors. Use lights in combination with different other materials including glass and fabric etc. and create moving objects or beautiful background.

The sounds on your stand should not be disturbing to others. However; they should not be very low as well. A gentle way is to pick light music for background if you are not using any other sound device. However; if you are displaying a flat screen or an AV items, then place it somewhere in the center of the stand so that the sound floats throughout the stand and the surrounding booths are not disturbed.

The smell on your stand is a very strong contributor. Spraying a fresh and peasant air freshener will invite the visitors and hold them on the stand for a long time. Exhibitions are exhaustive and therefore, sweating can produce unpleasant smell on the stand. The representatives should keep perfumes with them.

Rather than asking a representative to demonstrate people, you should use digital options.

The color on your stand should be inviting. Some of the inviting colors include blue, orange, lemon yellow, and white etc. Black and white combination is also very inviting. Dull colors like gray, mustard and brown are not inviting and therefore these colors should be avoided or used in contrasts.

Considering the shape of your stand, a tip here is to avoid relying on one shape only. Choose a different shape for the entire stand and try other shapes for different compartments on the stand.

When exhibiting, take tips from regular exhibitors. They will give you professional ideas from their experiences and suggest good venues as well.