Exhibitions in Dubai

How Business Exhibitions in Dubai Can Work For Your Company

Marketing gurus from across the oceans now agree on one fact that people deal with people deal with everything but buy from people only. The current digital world has greatly changed the scenario of business. But it has provided an astounding business opportunity to buyers and sellers i.e. to meet and to deal in person in the exhibitions. In the online world, businessmen get a rough draft of their prospect customers and the existing lot. Given is how you can make your business strategy profitable for your exhibition in Dubai or whole Middle East.

Be Seen at the Right Exhibitions

With the global economic downfall, businesses might be planning to limit the marketing expenditures but totally cutting down the marketing fund could have detrimental effects on the business. For all types of business, Dubai exhibitions can turn out into large profit making investments. A short term investment can kill the long term benefits and the opportunity to make your exhibition visitors the loyal customers.

To make your exhibitions the true profit events, you need to select the right exhibitions and shows for business appearance. A thorough research can determine the most appropriate exhibitions to your marketing goals. Your marketing budget will be the decision maker here. It will establish the customer spirit in the people and draw them to the exhibition along with the surety of their buying potential. For a greater profit, you can reach out the event organizers and seek their marketing techniques and the techniques to draw a better and bigger audience to the show.

Build Relationships

In the digital world, platforms like exhibitions and trade shows offer you a perfect chance to meet people in person, put your maximum effort in influencing them as much as you can, and building true business relationships. You can build relations in the industry by meeting them under one roof. But don’t forget to take their business cards. Turn out the event as your instant research session by gathering opinions of the people regarding your brand, products and services, discovering new patterns of marketing, reaching new techniques of sales, and learning new sales pitches etc.

Exhibition Planning

Pre-event preparation is always a profitable job; no matter it is your business meeting, an exhibition or a simple college exam. Your success at exhibitions in Dubai largely depends on your pre event planning. Don’t put the exhibitor manual aside on the table. Make a brief of the major points and try to include every possible thing in it. Arrange decorative and prepare the stand before the event so you may have an idea about how it is going to look and adjust people on the event day. Keep the alternatives of the designs and gather all the relevant information about the event.

Marketing Messages

Your marketing messages are going to influence the visitors far stronger than any other thing so make sure to prepare them beforehand. These include the messages to be displayed on the stand, press releases, and promotional messages to the potential and non-potential customers, new invites, and company literature. It will help you to demonstrate your marketing messages and your company brief clearly to the people. If you are not a very famous name, then prepare an elevator pitch. It refers to compiling all the most important information about the company and your USP within 30 seconds time.

Maximize Your Exhibition Presence

Use different marketing techniques to have show-stopper exhibition stand. In pre-event preparations, you can get a press release published about your presence at the event. Send invites and emails to the business partners, industry friends and customers about being at the show. Get handful knowledge about the media partners of the exhibition. Find contacts in the media industry and get the articles and features published with your prominent name.

If you don’t have media friends, then you can contact people from the media partners and offer them incentives for writing about you. Most of the exhibitions already have a press office in Dubai or UAE. Prepare press gifts if you have not contacted anyone. Put informative letters in the press packs regarding customer feedback, company brief, new launches and upcoming offers to give the journalists something important for headline. You can also send the press releases to the media houses.

Post Event Follow-Ups

Remember that your job will not end with the end of the show. For business prosperity, keep running even after the exhibition. In some cases, post-event follows ups have proven to be most important step in business success. Make a proper list of all the leads that you communicated with in the exhibition. Now, modern event organizers give data scanners to the exhibitors which free them from the hassle of annoying the customer while gathering the information. If the event is organized by a modern technology-lover, then stay in contact for getting the data spreadsheet.

Put your business name forward by getting in touch with the people at the event. Remember that the first 24 hours are very crucial. You will miss out the majority of your prospect customers just because you didn’t contact them within this crucial time. Send personal emails, reminder messages, feedback requests, and discount offers to the visitors etc. Sometimes, it may take more than a month or more to turn your lead into sale. Sometimes, this span is stretched over the year but staying in contact does not put you out of the box. It helps you to maintain a long term relationship with the leads no matter even if it is one sided silent.

With proper homework, exhibitions offer you an unmatchable opportunity to build new relations and strengthen old relations in the industry, and finding out new leads. It is always worthy to set up new roads for your business opportunities. Even if you are only attending an event and not exhibiting in it, you are definitely going to find out prospect and new customers and new business friends in the industry. You also get a chance to foresee your upcoming challenges.

Partner with professional Exhibition company

Business exhibitions in Dubai can be a great way to promote your company and its products or services. They provide an opportunity to meet face-to-face with potential customers and partners, and to showcase your brand to a wider audience. However, exhibitions can be a big investment, so it is important to plan carefully and choose the right event for your business. Luckily, there are plenty of business exhibitions in Dubai to choose from. whether you’re looking for an opportunity to network, learn about new products and trends, or simply promote your brand, you’re sure to find an event that meets your needs. With careful planning and a little help from a professional exhibition company like Strokes Exhibits, participating in a business exhibition can be a great way to take your company to the next level.