Exhibition Participation Dubai

Exhibition participation in Dubai-How can we maximise our returns on post covid ?

Covid 19 certainly affected the exhibition scene in Dubai as it saw the cancellation of some of the most important trade shows of the year. However, the UAE’s exhibition scene was able to react quickly and perhaps more effectively than that of other nations post covid 19.

Adapt to challenges

This is mainly because Dubai has always shown resilience to adapt to challenges during a major crisis. During the pandemic, we find examples of exhibitions that quickly moved from being in site to online.

Dubai is less affected than other locations

In 2020, covid-19 interrupted nearly every industry internationally, and in some places still does. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) was, however, less affected than other locations, which is evident when we look at its exhibition industry. Due to the quickly growing nature and innate adaptability of this market—whose epicentre is Dubai—the exhibition organisers were able to not merely survive but prosper during the pandemic.

Returning to normal, continuing to adapt

During the pandemic, the Emirati exhibition scene succumbed, as did everywhere, to the devastation of covid-19, but thanks to this scene’s ability to adapt, innovate, and renew, it has emerged stronger than before. The chronology of events and notable moments since March 2020 is a testament alone to the scene’s resiliency. This is partly due to the flexibility, from its origins, that all actors in the exhibition milieu had to possess to adapt to, rather than resist, the pandemic. The fast-paced creation and evolution of the UAE exhibition scene also contributed to its survival. Having said that, the exhibition industry in Dubai especially has a tradition of persevering through sudden forced change and economic woes. It has always bounced back sooner than later.

Meet high-level decision-makers at exhibitions

According to industry sources, many of the recently held exhibitions and trade shows in Dubai saw more registration by senior management visitors than in 2019. This is an indication that while total attendance may currently be less than the bumper pre-pandemic years, those that do attend these shows are high-level decision-makers with a clear purpose and intent.

There is pent-up demand by visitors to network and find new suppliers that have been largely unfulfilled by physical face-to-face event alternatives such as digital or online events, according to sources. To come and do business safely, Dubai, and the UAE is a prime destination for international professionals thanks to the foresight of the country’s leadership.

The return of the physical shows

Another encouraging factor is that C-level visitor registration has doubled compared to 2020.

Initially, businesses globally viewed online, digital events as a viable alternative to physical trade shows, since at the time much of the world was still in some form of lock-down. But over time that viewpoint has changed, as the limitations of online events become more evident, coinciding with the return of physical trade shows, particularly in Dubai, where there is a distinct shift towards a back-to-business mentality.

On participation levels, delivery and upscaling of traditional trade show portfolios, the current event safety measures Dubai has in place, as well as the government’s efforts to put the safety of everyone as a top priority, have had a really major positive impact.

Exhibitor satisfaction doubled

A number of exhibitors from all over the world have already participated in exhibitions and trade shows in Dubai. And sources say that exhibitor satisfaction with these events increased by double digits compared to their pre-pandemic editions.  According to a leading exhibition organiser, exhibitors of their 2021 events were extremely satisfied with their overall experience. “The ROI of participating at our shows is getting bigger by an average of 22 per cent compared to 2019.”

A recent study on exhibitions in Dubai shows significant visitor growth from a number of countries, especially from Qatar, Russia, Poland, Egypt, Israel, Brazil, Palestine and Colombia.


The main objective of any exhibitor is to get the maximum ROI (return on investment) in the exhibitions they participate. Participating in exhibitions in Dubai has become a necessity for any businesses post covid 19. That is the only way for businesses not only to grow their visibility but also to increase sales and profit. During the post covid, 19 times Dubai exhibitions and tradeshows are emerging as the best platforms for businesses to get access to their target audience with immediate effect.