Exhibition stand cost assessment

How to Assess Cost for your Exhibition Stand Design and Construction for your Event in Dubai

The cost of exhibition stand design and construction varies according to the style and type of stand you want.  Let’s have a look at which areas of exhibiting you should be investing in and what you will be paying. This will help you assess rate for your Dubai exhibition.

Where to start

First of all, you have to book stand space. Depending on the show the cost of stand space will vary. 
You can either go for a shell scheme booth, which is more affordable, or a Custom Stand stand to suit your exhibition participation requirement. Though a shell scheme booth is a cheaper option than a custom exhibition stand, it won’t give you an edge over your competitors.

Invest in design 

To be successful at your next show the one absolute essential thing you must invest in is design. And it is simply not possible to do it yourself. You will need the help of professional exhibition stand company in Dubai. They will be able to give you a 3D design based on your specifications. An exhibition stand design construction company’s job is a lot more than simply producing the most aesthetically appealing or original looking stand. A great design can set you apart from your competitors, help you attract the right delegates, and increase your footfall. Your stand should not only look great but needs to function as well.

To buy or not to buy

Buying exhibition stand is not feasible many times except may be for small pop up portable stands. Custom stands are always on hire basis starting from platform, Furniture, Electrical, partition walls, signages, Flooring etc.Exhibition companies dismantle and store some of the items like Furniture, electrical, platforms etc. but rest of the materials are destroyed as cost of storage is huge and practically impossible. But, you have the option to sign rebuild contract with the exhibition contractor. In that case contractor will dismantle and store the material for you and rebuild for the next show at a cost which normally comes approximately 70% of your initial installation cost. This cost is justifies as cost includes dismantling the material carefully, pack the material carefully, transport the material to warehouse , cost of storage space, refurbish, and build up for the next show. If you are planning to exhibit at many shows then you can avail of this facility.

Discuss your budget first

Exhibition Stand Design & Construction is more or less like building a house. You must have a clear idea about how much you will be able to spend before roping in an architect.If you have invested in a large space, you also need to invest in building stand that stands out to justify the space. Simply put with a caravan budget you cannot build a bungalow. If you only have a limited budget then you will have to look for cheaper options like designed roller banners and modular components, which you can buy ready made.
Before discussing the design aspects, discuss your budget with your exhibition stand contractor. Never tell that your budget is open-ended. Even if you don’t have a huge budget, if you get the right exhibition stand design contractors in Dubai, they can maximise the impact you have at your next show. 

Ask for a full breakdown of costs and a detailed quote 

After you get the design, and are happy with the aesthetics, the next thing you should demand is a full breakdown of Exhibition Stand Design & Construction and a detailed quote explaining exactly where your money will be spent. Always remember that an exhibition stand design construction company charges you not just for the design, but also for their services. You are not only buying the stand components, you are also purchasing the expertise required to manage your project and deliver the stand. Always rope in an exhibition stand contractor after some research. You must check their portfolio and also read reviews from previous clients.  Just make it clear which elements of the stand will be hired and which will be bespoke. Usually stock walls, stand furniture and storage will be hired. Your money will be spent on bespoke elements of your stand like display units, reception desks, canopies, etc. To know where your money is being spent and help you manage your costs you need to know what is being built new and what is being hired.

Additional costs

Once you have approved Exhibition Stand Design & Construction quote from your contractor take into consideration all the additional costs. You will have to set aside budget for water and waste, electrics, literature, food, graphics and art works, WIFI and marketing.

An end to end exhibition service is always the best

To design and build your stand you will find plenty of exhibition stand design construction companies in Dubai. To use an end to end exhibition service is the most cost effective solution. They will design, construct, set up, take away and store your stand as well as provide added graphic production and project management services.  


There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to the cost of exhibiting. However, the potential benefits of taking part in a Dubai exhibition are numerous. It will give you direct access to your potential clients. Be realistic with your budget, research your show properly, and put in the ground work on your design brief. Once you assign the task to an exhibition stand contractor in Dubai, let them know your budget and how you want to spend it. They will help you achieve your goals.
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