Exhibition lighting

How to Attract Everyone in Dubai Exhibitions with Exhibition Lighting

When we talk about looking unique and standing out of crowd in any exhibition organized in DWTC, ADNEC or anywhere in UAE, people start thinking about expensive furniture and big exhibition stands. Some people talk about using signage with difference and other discuss about how to position your products so that they catch every glimpse on the show. Have you ever thought that no matter how much you work on your exhibition stand, if the Exhibition Lighting is not proper, how terrible the show could go?

Very few trade shows and exhibitions are open-air. The majority of them are held in public popular venues like the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre. The venue is sometimes brightly lit and sometimes dimly lit. No matter how the venue lighting is, it will never be perfect for your exhibition stand. Even in the brightest venues, you have to work on lighting or people will escape from your dark booth. You should never rely on the Exhibition Lighting because it is used for walking and strolling in the venue, not for viewing products critically.

What Professionals Do?

If you have worked with an experienced Dubai based exhibition professional, you would have discovered that the professionals give equal importance to the lighting as much importance they give to other elements of the booth. Professionals at an exhibition stall designing company use different Exhibition Lighting techniques to give a boost to your booth including roof lights, down lights, up lights, spotlights, dim lights, and lamps etc.

The Induction of Technology

Now the lights are highly controlled. You can control them through your computer and illuminate the most needed ones only. You can also use the halogen lights for spotlighting. Some people don’t want to make their booth a fully lit one so they use halogen lights for illuminating the products and dim lamps. Some people use spotlights and roof lamp only. There is a lot of technological support to light up your stand now. You just need to add the professional touch to it.

Color Themes

For regular exhibitors, here is good news. Invest one in simple lights and give them themes to attract the visitors. Color themes are often used to give a special touch to your stand. For example; a Nokia stand can use a blue theme. The trick is simple and amazing. Spend some money on buying the ordinary lights. They may vary in size. Wrap them with the colored films of your chosen color. Now they are ready to support you on your booth.

Another idea to use the colored lights for your stand is to hire the lights from the market. You may hire different lighting equipment’s for your stand including colored lamps, colored, roof lights, spotlights, tiny lights, sky lights, and many others.

For Shadows

Lighting is not used for lighting up your stand. Experts at exhibition stall designing company also give brilliant shadows to your stand to create a different effect and boost the presence of some products. Shadows are also used to hide the storage boxes. If you want to keep some area of your stand hidden, then you can create shadows over there as well.

Moving Lights

Some industries have privilege to use floor as a display rack for example; the car manufacturing companies. You can improve the presence of your display products by using moving lights around them. Think of a Lamborghini on a floor with tiny blue lights floating around it in a circle. Why wouldn’t anyone be attracted to it?

Lighting is a very essential component of your stand. It makes people comfortable in the seating area. It satisfies people that you are not hiding the drawbacks of your products and want them to critically analyze the products. The additional benefit is that lighting builds trust!

Lighting is an important aspect of any exhibition in Dubai. It can help to set the mood and atmosphere of the event, and it can also be used to highlight specific areas or products. There are many different types of lighting that can be used for exhibitions, and it is important to choose the right option for your needs. One popular option is LED lighting, which is energy efficient and can be used to create a variety of effects. Other options include spotlights, floodlights, and strobe lights. You can also use light to create special effects, such as making products look larger or brighter than they actually are. Whatever type of lighting you choose, Strokes exhibits Dubai will have the professionals you need to make sure it is installed correctly and looks its best. With our help, you can ensure that your exhibition in Dubai is a success.