ADIPEC Abu Dhabi

How to Boost Sales in ADIPEC Abu Dhabi with 10 Display Design Tips

Among all the contemporary marketing devices, point-of-sales display devices are becoming more adorable and adoptable with time. It is because they support displaying various products for sales at very low and affordable prices. If a company gains expertise in designing point-of-sale display, then it does not need any other sort of marketing device for stimulating people. Here are ten tips to improve your point-of-sale displays in ADIPEC Abu Dhabi exhibition even if you are not an expert.

Exhibit Your Best to Gain Attention

The most important task in any ADIPEC is to attract people. All other operations can be held only when people come to you. You can attract people by using your most important component. For some brands, only the name written in bold fonts will do the job. For some brands, the newest launched product is the source of attraction.

Stimulate and Motivate With Benefits

In advertising, you relate the products to the common life of people or tell them the benefits of using those products. Similarly, your purposes of exhibiting can be achieved when you tell people about how your products or services are going to benefit them.


For the visitors, the worth of your brand in exhibition is just a stand demonstrating its products and services. You have to make your stand important. A very common technique of value-adding is to provide discount vouchers to the leads.

Demonstrate the Usage of Your Products

You can use AV (Audio Visual) techniques to demonstrate how to use your products. You can also run your advertisements on an LCD. Otherwise, demonstrate in person about the usage of your products. This will relate the products to the visitors’ lives and make them familiar to the product.

Compare With Competitors Graphically

People want to know that how much you are different than your competitors. Apart from the time-passers, all other people in the exhibitions belong to analytical and observatory class. Paste graphs that show your dominance on competitors and also the reasons of dominance.

Add Flavors to Personalize the Products

Remember that every product has a different flavor in life. If you align all the products on the table with no specific empowerment, then people might not take them very seriously. However; if you personalize them, people will relate them to their lives and generate interest in them. Some techniques of personalization include adding graphical backgrounds, special light works, display positions and giving specific taglines to products etc.

Relate With Products

Many products can be used in line with other products. For example; blender and chopper are used for in-line purposes. Display the related products together to enhance the knowledge of their use, generate interest and increase sales.

Print Important Information

Although, the present eco-friendly concept of giving e-brochures has decreased production costs, however; there still is a chance that people will not open your brochures given in their emails and mobile phones. Give printed information by selecting the most important information only. Add very brief information about your brand and include the ‘contact us’ section.

Interactive Techniques

For better sales, use the techniques that are more interactive. If you are using QR Codes, then don’t forget to display one on your point-of-sales display as well. Add instructions about the use of QR Codes in print form so that nobody is embarrassed in seeking knowledge about them. The QR Code should take them to something very interactive, advertising and interesting, for example; a short video advertisements.

Screen Utilization

Add an AV product on your stand which runs things about your company, member profiles, important information, special quotes, products and services, and advertisements etc. You can also rent some touch screen devices and place them on your point-of-sale display. The screens will let people take related quizzes, surveys and questions.

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