Networking Culture for Exhibitions in Dubai?

How to Build Networking Culture for Exhibitions in Dubai?

Undoubtedly, the benefits of business networking are extensive and approachable in UAE. But there are tens of obstacles in making your employees work for business networking. Here are some tips on how you can make your employees gain the maximum out of business networking at Exhibitions in Dubai.

Fortunately, business networking is not something separate from a person’s job now. It is an automatic part of the job of every employee. UAE companies hire networking-specific individuals to achieve their purposes and this unfortunately, turns all other employees reluctant to do networking job.

Experience tells that things should not go like this. You should not expect your employees to do business networking without motivating and training them. A far better solution is to hire specific people for business networking so that you can ensure business growth and seek better business opportunities for Exhibitions in Dubai.

But if you make business networking a core objective of your business that applies on all the employees, then definitely you can achieve better and bigger goals without spending extra money.

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What Makes UAE People Reluctant From Business Networking at Dubai Exhibitions?

Generally, you can divide the reasons of prevention from business networking at Dubai Exhibitions into four.

1-     It happens when your policies, company objectives and ideas are not motivating for networking at Exhibitions in Dubai
2-     Some employees find it less beneficial, less important and unnatural.
3-     Less coordinated departments of companies and distances between teams can prevent them from networking.
4-     There is no coordination between a specific team and line management.

1. Discouraging and Less Motivating Policies for Networking

Restricted departments and old fashioned company culture do not motivate employees for business networking for Exhibitions in Dubai.When companies in UAE have higher degree of staff turnover or when the staffs do not interact with each other due to quickly changing shifts, then they automatically generate a resistance against business networking. If your staffs move from the company quickly, then you cannot build long-term relations with your prospect companies.

On the other hand, the recruitment policies and HR department practices might be hindering your automated business networking. Less motivated operations of HR, no reward policy, no training sessions, and a lot of distance between department and company heads and the employees are also some of the reasons. Encourage your employees when they do networking, offer them rewards and give them trainings regularly. Also, while recruitment; ask from the candidates about their connections in the company and their source of information about the job.

Wasteful business networking like bringing wrong people, assigning wrong tasks and promoting negative goals can ruin your business networking operations. You will have to make sure that your employees are doing business networking just according to your business and company needs. Sometimes, they have to build long term relations. Otherwise, short term relations can bring bigger benefits.

By recognizing and admiring the business networking achievements of your employees, you can easily motivate them for without-requesting-networking.

2. Employees Find It Less Beneficial, Less Important and Unnatural

The relation of business networking for Exhibitions in Dubai and nature is quite close. But people find it unnatural in terms of their excuses to prevent themselves from it. Here are some of the excuses.

  • They fear getting rejected
  • They don’t feel comfortable with unknown people
  • They lack emotional intelligence
  • They don’t confidently face people
  • They believe that they have other important things to do
  • They want you to prove the effectiveness of networking

Improving the skills of lesser motivated employees is not a one-night operation. But slowly and gradually, you can invest your energies to bring good business networkers out of them. You can do the following for gradual motivation.

  • Tell them about how business networking is beneficial for both of you and why you are interested in their business networking skills
  • Motivate them about choosing their own approach and style of business networking. If someone is feared of business networking due to lack of confidence, then you can give them short training sessions or let them communicate more inside the company.
  • Keep them updated about the company’s current goals so that they will have a feel of worthiness and trust.
  • Let them work with the relationships of their choice. Don’t restrict someone from going in more sociable events or others from highly official and business-like events.
  • Support them persistently and with patience.

It is very pleasant to know that a majority of people in your company are good business networkers and they are already doing business networking inside your company. They meet strangers happily, make friends, motivate them to achieve their goals and perfectly approach a totally unknown person. Unfortunately, you will have to work on them as well to bring professionalism in their business networking.

  • Redefine their communication skills.
  • Encourage them to improve and extend the number of their influential contacts
  • Tell them about how they can utilize their contacts in a more effective way. Some people are good business networkers but they cannot ask others for sharing challenges and goals etc.
  • Ask about their opinions on your business and seek their advice. If they are worthy, then let them to work on those ideas.

Definitely some people totally lack potential of representing your company. Don’t try to send everyone out. Send potential candidates only as they are representing your name, brand and company.

3. Less Coordinated Departments and Distance between Teams Are Preventing Business Networking

No matter how good a business networker is, the employees are territorial in all sizes of firms. They don’t want anyone to share their contacts. This can prove good on the whole to your company as the protection of contacts leads to the struggle of having closer and better relations with them. On the other hand, they can limit their contacts and cease cross-selling as well.

For such cases, here are the solutions:

  • Don’t let the contacts stay limited to specific parts of your UAE business. Remove exclusivity by allowing your employees to deal with the contacts on other forums as well including emails and the social media. Also, invite the contacts on company-specific events.
  • Let the colleagues work closely. For eradicating the barriers of professionalism and no-approach among employees, organize trainings, lectures and celebrations so that they meet with each other.
  • Invest in a system of tracking the new contacts and communications of the employees. A very easy solution is to invest in a Customer Relation Management System and let you employees stick to the system.
  • Update your employees daily by telling them success stories of employees, sharing fresh leads and educating them about new developments.
  • Devise strategies for natural business networkers. Allocate their positions among the teams which do not effectively coordinate with each other.
  • Maintain patience as you cannot bring a change in a night only. It will take time and slow processes are more effective.

4. No Coordination between Line Management and Teams

Line management and teams work in coordination. Sometimes, they simply lose coordination or step out of the goals with each other or with the clients. Here are the general reasons.

  • They expect everyone to do business networking job.
  • Management puts business networking into sales category.
  • They want to bring quick results.
  • They work without strategy.
  • Management does not share information with employees; neither does it encourage them to share information.
  • Management is not included in appraisal operation.
  • Line manager is confused or behaving rudely.
  • Manager wants you to prove the effectiveness of business networking.

These all problems are serious but they can be easily resolved. All you have to do is to devise strategies and give time to work out these strategies. The only factor that will ensure the success of all these efforts is the rate of how much importance you give to business networking in UAE. This importance rate will either put business networking on the top of your priorities or prevent you from taking any action. You have to decide about your willingness to appreciate and reward the employees for their business networking efforts.

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