How To Build Effective Post Exhibition Event Promotion

How To Build Effective Post Exhibition Event Promotion

The event over, the usual scene is a relaxed one wherein the management tries to assess the effectiveness of participation at the event. But the truth is that it is too early to gauge because an event isn’t history yet and is very much alive and fresh. The work of promoting the event needs to be continued in earnest on all kinds of media. This aids in building more business prospects and cashing in on the ‘ missed’ factor and thereby ensuring better and more Exhibition Stand visits the next time around. It also keeps you connected with the target segment even while there are no events where one to one interaction might take place.

The media to be focused includes the online media especially the social networking sites apart from the usual print and audio visual media. Interviews, exhibition reports, experiences, awards for Exhibition stand design, celebrity visits, the new product launched etc are just few topics which can be moulded and presented to keep the exhibition fever on for a while after the actual event ends.

This is particularly aimed at the visitor who did not visit the stand or was not interacted with to a satisfactory level. The prospect of a window of communication is always there to be tapped.

The post show press release:

A way of elongating the event feel is by sending in follow up to the pre show expectations of the event you had shared with the media. Now you can share your experiences about the event, the level of success you had and what more do you have say about the future. Jazz it up with few photographs of the event.

Newsletter & emailer:

Show your gratitude to all registered visitors of the event with a simple Thank you or if sure about an entity whom you missed –“ Sorry, we could not interact at the event”, thereby connecting with people who might not have actually visited your stand.

The website:

Keep your own website updated with an interesting write up in the news column and few photos or videos of the event.

Social networking:

Be sure to post the updates before, during and after the event. Keep it interesting by posting different aspects of the show than just photos. Keep it varied for each of the networking sites to rule out the ennui.

Notify the event winners:

If you had a competition or a Free Prize draw at the event, notify the winners along with a brief note of the event. Share these too on the social networking pages.

Case study/ Achievement:

Build on any singular episode at the event which can be touted as an milestone achievement or the turning point of business and share it on website and networking pages.

In short, leave no stone unturned or sit back after an event. Utilise wisely the wealth of information that you have gained from the event. The business has begun only NOW.

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