Exhibition Furniture

How to Choose right Furniture for Exhibition Stand Build up

Choosing the right Furniture for your Exhibition stand build is an important element in the Exhibition Stand Design and Build up process. It’s the question of balancing the design and functionality element to give you maximum return on you choice. Display furniture plays a very crucial role in show casing your exhibition product to give maximum visibility that attracts your visitor as well as creating a visual impact. Pay special attention to eye level visibility & eye movement factor. And of course finishing of the furniture ultimately defines the finishing of the Exhibition Stand which ultimately measures the quality of your Exhibition Stand build.

Here are few check points you need to keep in mind while choosing the right Furniture for Exhibition Stand Build up:

What products do you want to display at your stand?

Once you decide on what products you want to display, you will know what type and size of Exhibition furniture items you’ll need to show off your products to the best advantage. Display cases and smaller wall shelves will help you to display small products, but larger products may need tables, benches, or solid shelving to hold the weight of the products.

Do you need storage at your exhibition stand for extra items?

If you have a brochure display case where members of the public visiting the exhibition stand can take a brochure, you may need somewhere to keep a stock of the brochures that the public cannot see. Custom exhibition furniture will have space to hold spare brochures, business cards and give away products in drawers, or you can hide a box behind the furniture façade that is visible to the public view. This can be lockable.

How many staff members will be in the Exhibition stand?

If you plan to have two or three people on the exhibition stand at all times, you will need chairs for each staff member. It is a long, tiring day when you stand on your feet all day, and your customers will notice the difference in your staff members’ attitude when you provide comfortable seating for your staff.

Do you need Exhibition furniture for your customers?

You will want to provide comfortable seating for your customers, at the exhibition stand. If you want your staff members to initiate sales conversations with potential customers at the trade show, you may want to provide small couches or seats in pairs where your staff member and the customer can sit in comfort.

Does your exhibition stand have a theme?

If you are using a particular theme for your exhibition stand, you will want to express that theme with your exhibition furniture. You can have the exhibition furniture custom made in the same colors or patterns as your theme or company branding, such as the logo. Another option is customizing your furniture within your budget.

Do you want to create a particular image or atmosphere at your exhibition stand?

Do you want your exhibition stand to appear as cutting edge? If so, you will want the most modern looking furniture. If you want to portray an image of a well-established company, you may like to consider antique style furniture. You can use the furniture to create a certain image or atmosphere within your exhibition stand.

Answering these questions will give you better clarity in your mind to choose the right Exhibition Furniture that can balance Design and Functionality part, and creating high impact at the Exhibition Stand to meet your event objective and leave a positive impression on your show visitors.

Large collection of exhibition furniture for clients to choose from

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