How to Develop a Theme to Promote Your Exhibition Stand

How to Develop a Theme to Promote Your Exhibition Stand

You can easily enhance awareness of your brand by exhibiting in different events and exhibitions. Your company exhibition stand is only for exhibiting on the exhibition show floor. Exhibiting is not more than marketing and sales activity extension. So, it must have same sort of clarity, focus and consistency in almost each and every phase of the exhibition show.

Your exhibiting objectives help to drive your promotional activity basis. Make it sure, you should not stand in that category that are spending a lot of money to exhibit but missed to announce it.

You may proceed for many promotional opportunities to select from following:

  • Direct mail
  • Telemarketing
  • Advertising
  • Internet Activity
  • Sponsorship
  • Public Relations
  • Personal Invitations for prospects and clients

You need to tell your prospects and clients that you are going to exhibit – and most important is, you alone can do this for them! Also, you need to tell your stand audience, what you are going to do in exhibition show and why they have to attend that show. And what exact benefits they will achieve by having a visit of your stand at exhibition.

Develop a message or theme for the promotion of your exhibition but you need to ensure:

  • Use repetition and consistency – as people prefer to have brand because of trust
  • Perception about your company products and services plays a major role in customers buying behavior
  • Make it sure, all of your marketing materials have focus on your corporate brand – you should produce almost everything having same feel and look

The message or theme which you will develop for promotional campaigns is very important to how you are going to present on the floor of show. Your all promotional campaigns have to grab visitor’s interests – so, you need to ensure while visitor is looking on you in the show floor, they should be able to understand what they are looking for.

Create an everlasting message – For exhibition promotion, key to success is targeting right people to have on your stand in exhibition. Most successful campaign should have exclusive and unique message which will differentiate your brand and it will help to grab right audience on your stand.

  • What exactly you have to do better as compare to your competition?
  • What product or service of your company is offering real value – better delivery, better guarantee, best selection or lowest process etc.
  • What your company is exhibiting which is so convincing that exhibition audience need to see you on your exhibition stand?

The above mentioned questions are the key questions which you should ask yourself, which will help to decide on your exclusive message.

As per research, it’s confirmed that above 80% of the successful companies are used to of mailing their prospects before the exhibition show.

It’s also concluded with the research that above 75% of the exhibition audience arrives on exhibits with a scheduled agenda – it’s very simple, how they will find you in exhibition, if they don’t have idea that you are exhibiting. Consistent and effective promotion could make big difference.

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