How to Develop High Impact Pre-show Exhibition Promotion

How to Develop High Impact Pre-show Exhibition Promotion

Pre-show Exhibition promotion is an important tool to be used prior to any exhibition event  planning

E mail Marketing – identify key prospects and clients from your database an send a personal e mail informing them of your participation for the exhibition as well as invite them to your exhibition stand for a chat. Communicate to them of any new product launch or any service which might be of interest to your clients as well as prospects.

Telemarketing – This could be an effective tool to rebuild relationship and to inform them of your presence for the trade show.This is an ideal communication channel to personally invite them to your exhibition stand.

Public Relations – Web based PR is a cost effective tool to create a pre- show hype. Broadcast your release through specialist PR agency like PR web and use this released to drive traffic to your web site landing page which feature your participation for the proposed event.

Web banner Advertising – have a special banner on your web site during a specific period which will announce your participation and link this to a specific page which give detailed information of your participation plan and and action button for any visitor to communicate to you for setting up business meetings art the event.

Advertising – Prior to the show any advertising material goes out should have your stand number and event details. Official catalogue or Magazine supplements can be also an effective medium to reach prospective clients who will be visiting the trade event

Organizer Sponsorship opportunities – many exhibitions offer sponsorship for brand exposure. Ranging from on-site banners and carpet tiles to carrier bags and show programmes, most shows will have a standard package of sponsorship opportunities. Make sure it fits within your show objectives and budget
It is important to remember that consistency and repetition are crucial factors in successful promotion. If you decide to conduct direct mail and/or email marketing campaigns plan for them in advance and contact your list at least twice before the show.

Try to devise your campaigns so that the visitor has a compelling reason to visit you. That may be entering a competition or receiving a free gift but be clear what your objectives are – try not to give anything away without getting something back in return.

Pre-show exhibition promotion is an important tool which could be used for any exhibition participation in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, exhibition participation

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