How to choose the best exhibition contractor in Dubai

How to Find Best Exhibition Stand Location in Dubai DICC Hall

It is a very painful but straightforward fact that your creativity efforts can go in vain if your stand is located at wrong location in the Dubai International Exhibition and Convention Centre (DICC) hall. Not only the location but your surrounding and the layout are also important. Here are the top 5 tricks to let your stand catch the first glimpse of every visitor.

1-      Start With the Floor Plan

You cannot decide the location of your stand until you don’t know the exhibition floor plan. The first-hand knowledge of floor plan will decide the place where your stand would fix.

If you have good connections with the exhibition organizers, then try to get the previous floor plans. You can find out the heavy footfall areas and the system of categorizing exhibitors.

2-      Choose the Position

In an exhibition, you generally have three options for positioning. These are the corners, center and the sides:

Corners: Exhibition visitors in Dubai exhibition mostly start from the corners. Then they move to the center. So, you are likely to get a good number of audiences if you get corners. But remember that once the exhibition gets crowded, you will have to put efforts in attracting people towards you.

Center: Very often, center helps you grab a maximum number of audiences. People spend more time in the center than on the sides or corners. But make sure that your center position does not hide you in the bulk of stalls.

Sides: For the sake of decoration and positioning, sides are always very effective. But for grabbing attention of visitors, sides seem to be the poorest position.

3-      Neighborhood Always Matters

The nearby stands can bring in a lot of success for you if you choose your neighbors correctly.

Industry Stock: If your stand is surrounded by stands from the similar industry, then you may be hidden or ignored.

Industry Rulers: If your stand has industry leaders nearby, then you are likely to get at least 85% of the exhibition visitors. People will also associate you with the success of these rulers and automatically imagine you to be of their success level.

Referring Neighborhood: If you didn’t get the leaders’ neighborhood, then position yourself close to the businesses of your level. These are called complimentary neighborhood. It is a short-termed relation in which the neighbors benefit each other by referring to the visitors.

4-      Stretch your Wings

Many businesses have a variety of services and products. Stocking all of them in one stand could be a bad option. Stretch your wings and allocate different space to each category. It will help you to meet and convince your target audiences repeatedly. You can also get multiple chances of brand awareness.

5-      Go Limitless!

Creativity has many options. Some come from your mind and the remaining options are provided by the exhibition authorities. Go limitless with creativity and find the exhibition options. Check the power supply, floor carpeting, roof height, number of sockets, hall lighting and space visibility from entrance etc.

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