Reliable Exhibition Stand Contractor

5 Tips For Finding The Reliable Exhibition Stand Contractor In Dubai

If you are taking part in an exhibition in Dubai for the first time or have never been involved in the design process for an exhibition then you will be confused where to start.

Finding the reliable exhibition stand contractor in Dubai is the first step. From one-man-and-a-van, to large, multi-national exhibition stand design construction companies, Dubai offers plenty of choices.

But before you rope in an exhibition company ask friends and colleagues for references. Also, do a thorough background check about the company by visiting their website. To know how well you can work together you can even visit these contractors. Make sure that you and your exhibition stand contractor in Dubai are on the same page from the start. Assign the task only if you are convinced that the company can deliver on budget, on time, a quality design.

To help you get the best from your Reliable Exhibition Stand Contractor in Dubai, here is a simple guide.

Tell them about your company

Let them know everything in order to build up a full picture. You can, of course, withhold irrelevant information. But you must certainly tell them about how the company was established and the ethos. They must know your company’s USP, business size, competitors, markets, specialities etc. This will give your exhibition stand contractor an idea about where you have come from and what you are trying to achieve by taking part in the exhibition. To help the exhibition stand contractor visualise how your company should ideally be portrayed to visitors, you must present your company as an individual person. Are they more reserved or colourful, sociable, chatty, etc.

Let them know your target audience

A good exhibition stand contractor in Dubai will be able to provide advice on escalating footfall to your stand and retaining these visitors where you want them. To get the best result you must work in partnership with your contractor. You know your company and markets; they know exhibition design and strategy. Together you can achieve unbelievable success.

The point of exhibiting

You will obviously be explaining this to the exhibition stand contractor. Nevertheless, it is an important point. Tell them what you aim to achieve by taking part in the exhibition. Are you looking at promoting the company or are you trying to sell a specific service or product or acquire new leads or do you want to increase sales?

If your goal is made clear to the exhibition stand construction company, they will know what to do to achieve it. And they will even be able to provide ways or guidance on the best possible way to do this.

Make the stand specifications clear

They must know what type of stand space you have booked with the organisers. Tell them its size and specifications. For instance, is it open on one side or from all the three sides or is it an island stand? What/who else is around you? Where visitors are likely to enter you stand? All the minute details will help the exhibition stand contractor to arrange your stand in such a way that you will get the most impact.

Ideally, a stand should have a meeting area, feature lighting, product showcases, refrigeration, AV equipment, to list a few. A good exhibition stand contactor in Dubai can offer advice to help make this workable within your budget.


It’s better to appoint an exhibition stand contractor in Dubai as soon as you book the floor space. This will give you enough time to discuss everything with the in-house designer, who in turn can come up with a proposed stand visual. Your stand contractor should also be informed about the deadline for plan submissions. Pass a copy of the exhibitor manual to your stand contractor. The earlier you start the process the easier it will be.

You can help get visitors

You’ll need to put into practice a strategy to promote your attendance at that exhibition as soon as you book your stand space and meet up with the exhibition stand contractor.

A well designed stand can draw in passing visitors, but you should also put in some effort to get visitors there. Without visitors a beautiful, well designed stand space, doesn’t mean much. Create some buzz over social networking sites. Let all your existing and potential customers know that you are taking part in the exhibition. You can send mails or do promotion online. You can even rope in a PR agency for the same.


Once the exhibition is over, make an assessment of what you have achieved through the exhibition. If there were any shortfalls, make a note of them. Or else you will forget about it in the next marketing drive.

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