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How to get the best out of post covid exhibition shows in Dubai?

Dubai’s financial centre is abuzz with activity post-covid-19: many restaurants are booked in advance; business establishments are seeing a large footfall and five-star hotel entrances are swarmed with luxury cars. It’s a far cry from last year’s deserted office spaces and empty parking lots.

If you are planning to participate in conferences and exhibitions in the near future Dubai is the ultimate destination for you. Here is why:

Enjoy a keen pre-pandemic normalcy

Unlike any other country, Dubai is displaying keen pre-pandemic normalcy. Almost a year ago, international tourism resumed, and what is more encouraging for travellers is that the city has relatively lenient rules to combat the spread of Covid-19. That’s thanks to the fact that Dubai, which is a part of the United Arab Emirates, is one of the world’s most vaccinated nations. According to a recent survey, around 75% of the adult population is fully vaccinated.

Dubai: The Safest location for trade fairs

Another survey points out that, it is the safest location to organise trade fairs during this time when all businesses are vying with each other for a post-covid restart and cashing in on the renewed demand.

To evaluate the impact of covid-19 on the global exhibition industry, more than 3,000 professionals from 130 countries were roped in and together they explored the main areas like budgeting, travel and exhibition participation in a post-covid era.

From beauty and cosmetics to commercial security and auto aftermarket, the survey covered a wide range of industry sectors. And 75 per cent of respondents’ preferred destination was Dubai and Germany. These two were considered as the safest destinations to attend exhibitions post-covid-19.

The study on the post-covid-19 exhibition scene was done to investigate how this global virus affected businesses, and address the issue collectively.

Exhibition participation in Dubai is a necessity post covid

More than half of the participants were of the opinion that when people start leading a normal life post-covid-19 trade shows and exhibitions will be more important for business, or just as important, compared to the past. The majority even agreed that soon they will be attending exhibitions as they believe it is important for their business expansion.

This survey is an eyeopener and gives hope as the UAE continues to inject confidence back into its economy; especially at a time when international travellers are making a beeline for the country for the first time in nearly four months. Dubai is also seeing a surge in ‘real-life events.

Events sector in Dubai is on the revival path

The trade fair industry felt the impact of the covid-19 pandemic, just like other business sectors, particularly in Dubai, which has a thriving exhibition sector at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

The study shows that in the success of any business, trade fairs and exhibitions are still a critical component. Many conferences and recently concluded events are an indicator that the events sector is on the revival path.

With the lifting of international travel restrictions, it is expected that more people will be travelling abroad for business in the near future. In fact, people have already started travelling for work, and half of the survey respondents even said that they would do so by aeroplane if the restrictions are lifted by governments.

Now that you know why you should be exhibiting your business or product in the UAE, here is a comprehensive guide to exhibiting in Dubai.


You have a few options to get your booth to Dubai. Sea freight will take up to 45 days (or longer if you encounter issues at customs).

Airfreight can take around only three-to-five working days but is around six times more expensive than sea freight.

In-country booth support is the best option. It’s possible to get your booth custom-built on-site in Dubai, with the help of a reputable exhibition organiser.

Dubai has strict shipping regulations. Prohibited items are:

Cooked food


Printed material that goes against Islamic teachings

Certain items you’ll need to declare on arrival or provide relevant documentation when you ship to Dubai:

Cash above AED 100,000

Medicine (you will need to acquire a prescription letter from your doctor and the medicine must be in its original packaging)

Films, books, CDs or photographs



Dubai is a westernised city no doubt. But since almost 75% of the people living there are Islamic, Islam’s religious laws are woven into the fabric of Dubai’s culture. 

Some basic pointers your trade show team can follow:

Shaking Hands

Shaking hands with a business prospect is considered polite. But if it’s a woman, wait for them to extend their hand first.

Using the Right Hand

When interacting the wrong way is using your left. When they’re exchanging business cards, shaking hands or offering freebies ask your team members to follow this rule.


Keep the conversation about business. Don’t discuss religion, politics or the government to the locals.

Business Attire

The dress code has to be followed. Women need to keep their shoulders and legs covered. It will be suitable to wear high necklines.

Men can stick to formal wear – dark coloured suits are preferred.

There is an exhibition for everyone!

In Dubai, there’s an exhibition for everyone in this post-covid era. From health exhibitions to construction shows, there are opportunities for all businesses to showcase their best products and services in this incredibly diverse city. Make the most of it!