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How to Get the Most Out of Your Small Exhibition Stand in Dubai ?

Following are the professional five tips which are proven to make success in  exhibition by having a Small Exhibition Stand in Dubai:

1-      Glow Your Stand Up

Lights can increase the visibility of your exhibition stand and its power to grab the first glimpse up to 30-50%. You can ask for stands equipped with fixed lights. You can also order small lights and fix them in the most important places to stand in the exhibition halls of the Dubai convention center. Sometimes, products, messages and graphics are needed to be highlighted. Fix your lights in these places.

2-      Novelty Is the best Policy

An exhibition stand without a theme is like a story without a plot. A themed stand or branded exhibition stand will have far greater influence than a big stand without any theme.

3-      Make Company Name Prominent

All of your efforts can go in vain if the exhibition visitors  cannot remember your company name. It is not only important to make your company name prominently, but it is equally important to display it creatively so that people can remember it even after months.

4-      Adjust the Sizes According to Stand Size

The size of furniture depends on the size of an exhibition stand space. Likewise, you will not use big banners and props for a small exhibition stand. But sometimes, equipments and props are used to develop the theme of the stand. Some props can be larger than the size of the stand. If you want only one prop to grab the attention, then the size of this prop will definitely be larger than other props. The size can be even larger than the standard. Size adjustability is the job of the creative department.

5-      Go modular For Customization

Garden furniture, personalized adjustments, table cloths and many such types of equipment will make your exhibition stand awkward. These are also difficult to handle. Nowadays, modular stands and modular stand systems are used. These are easy to transport or customize.

If you are  planning to exhibit in Dubai, – talk to the experts

Small or medium exhibition stand in Dubai Exhibitions can be a great chance to represent your company and products if you know how to make the most of it. And that’s where we come in! At Strokes Exhibits, we have years of experience helping companies get the best out of their Dubai Exhibition stands, no matter what size they are. We’ll work with you to create a stand that is eye-catching and effective, making sure that your company makes a big impression at the show. So if you’re planning to exhibit in Dubai, – talk to the experts at Strokes Exhibits first!