Reliable exhibition company

Reliable Exhibition Companies in Dubai- How to Identify Them?

For any company looking forward to gaining visibility exhibiting in Dubai is an excellent choice.

Post covid the exhibition and trade show industry in Dubai is buzzing with activity contributing to UAE’s flourishing economy.

For trade shows, Dubai is already one of the world’s top destinations. More than a hundred events are being planned in the UAE over the upcoming months.

Dubai provides a gateway to markets in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East as it is a central economic hub. One of the best things a business can do to revive its business post covid crisis is to participate in Dubai-based industry events and highlight its services and products and make new business contacts.

To increase sales and brand awareness among attendees, having a unique exhibition stand is essential.

Finding The Best Exhibition Stand Company in Dubai

There are many exhibition companies providing exhibition design and construction services in Dubai owing to the high volume of events. Hence, it is indeed a challenge to find the best exhibition stand company to create and set up suitable high-quality stands for your brand or business.

Taking part in a trade show or exhibition is an expensive affair and hence making a wrong choice can have devastating consequences. You don’t want to end up with a poorly executed or designed stand and ultimately lose a lot of money. Not just money, but a low-quality stand will reflect badly on your business and may even affect your reputation.

Here are some of the consequences of dealing with an unreliable exhibition stand design company:

Cost overruns: Due to hidden expenses, overheads and poor planning you will exceed your allotted budget

Poor Design: Failure to follow brand guidelines leading to undesirable design

Shabby Arrangement: Substandard materials can lead to shoddy construction

Unreliable Service: Poor execution; failure to abide by deadlines, or to provide the necessary assistance and support

Poor Communication: Failure to provide updates on project execution and necessary approvals

Trademarks of A Good Exhibition Stand Company

Not all exhibition companies are alike and you will realise this during your search for the best exhibition stand contractor to meet your needs.

Some of the trademarks of a good exhibition contractor in Dubai is vast experience undertaking a variety of projects, a solid portfolio and an impeccable reputation in the industry. When choosing an exhibition stand builder in Dubai these are some of the basic qualities you should look for.

Good Communication Skills

A reputable exhibition stand provider will listen to their client’s needs and will be highly proficient in project management. They will understand their clients’ requirements and expectations.

They will be responsive to your feedback and open to questions. A good exhibition contractor will easily grasp your vision and needs.

Provide regular updates on the progress

Look for exhibition companies with excellent management capabilities like:

  • Advanced project management skills
  • Adherence to project management best practices
  • Organizational Skills

Comprehensive in-house facilities

Look for a design company that can provide all the services in-house. This will ensure quality control and even lower the cost. They will be more flexible as well, as they can make last-minute changes without much hassle.

In short, if they have in-house services to execute all phases, from design to construction and assembly process, without subcontracting, that’s the best.

To create a unique design, ensure that the design company in Dubai you choose has state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, and experienced craftsmen.

To ensure that they are performance-focused, talk to their previous clients. Ask them if they are committed to timely delivery.

The Checklist

We already discussed the risks, and the basic qualities you should be looking for in an exhibition contractor in Dubai. Now, here are some tips to pick a reliable design company that can deliver a one-of-a-kind stand that complements your business or brand and make the most of your trade show participation.

Most importantly, do your homework to select the right exhibition stand company in Dubai.

 Preparation and planning

Identify your goals: Product launch, brand promotion, sales, etc.

Discuss basic design parameters

Set a budget

The best suppliers can be booked months in advance so start searching early

Research the top companies

Do your search online

Look up exhibition organisers’ websites

Narrow down the best stands you have seen

Ask for client referrals

Make a list of potential suppliers

Go to their websites or social media pages to have a look at their portfolio, completed projects, client testimonials and reviews.

Contact former clients

Shortlist three preferred companies

Contact via phone or email

Rank the contractors

Look for all the following qualities:

Extensive Experience

Excellent Reputation

Timely Delivery

In-house Resources

Quality conscious

Budget Transparency

Select Your Supplier

Request design details

Review and assess proposals: Ask for revisions or changes if needed.

Review Budget: Always look for hidden charges and overheads. Reliable contractors will be more transparent when it comes to budgeting

Review Timelines: Ask specifically about delivery time.

A good exhibition design company will suggest more cost-effective technical solutions when required.

Review Contractual Obligations: You and the selected contractor should agree on the design and budget aspects. Make sure who is responsible for what, when and how.

So do your homework and pick only the best!