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How to Make Your Professional Profile Influential for DWTC Exhibitions

When you exhibit at a DWTC Exhibitions, your company becomes a hot topic at various UAE venues. The journalists would need your professional profile. Likewise, the organizers, customers and many other people will seek your company profile. Here are the guidelines to create a highly influential and impressive professional profile.

A well-prepared professional profile is required to complete your marketing toolkit. If a profile is badly composed, people with neither trust you nor approach you. Simply, they would not know anything about your company. But if a profile is well composed, then people will not only be influenced but they will also approach you. Another benefit of a finely composed profile is that you can boast about your credentials and spread the word about your other accomplishments including eco-friendly services.

The professional profiles of your staff members are equally important as your company profile is. They are connected to your company name and they are representing your brand.

If you have efficient writers, then you can seek their services. Otherwise, you can spend some extra money and energy in getting a professionally composed template of your company profile which you can use in various places including the following.

  • LinkedIn profile
  • Team outline proposal
  • Website
  • Press release footer
  • Speaker profile (if you are honored to have speech at DWTC exhibition)
  • Websites of relevant trade associations
  • Directory websites

What Elements You Should Include in Your Profile?

Before writing your profile, you must gather the answers of these questions.

  • What is your profession and whom do you work for?
  • What is your experience in this specific industry?
  • What specialty makes you different from others?
  • What are your career milestones?
  • Which clients were proud and happy to work with you?
  • What projects or works can be described as your exemplary works?
  • Are awards, certificates, accolades or any other achievements associated with your name?
  • What are your educational, professional and industrial qualifications?
  • What are your codes of ethics and values?
  • Why are you doing this work?

In order to generate a professional profile, write down a profile brief of around 250 words. Then seek the services of a professional company to cut, edit and recreate the draft for different forums. For better online presence, you should not forget to add key search words and items in your profile. But make sure that the quality of your profile does not disturb and the text remains same for real people.

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