ADIHEX Abu Dhabi

How to Plan Successful Participation in ADIHEX Abu Dhabi Exhibition

There is no magic bullet which can make an ADIHEX Abu Dhabi Exhibition International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition) show successful. You have to plan for weeks, sometimes months. You have to invest more energy and mind than money. Here are some easy tips to plan for an ADIHEX exhibition and make it successful even before the event.

 Plan Your Goals Before Anything!

Your complete plan depends on your goals and objectives. Therefore, start with describing your goals and writing them down. Check the goals twice because many times the businessmen add unnecessary goals in their lists. Make sure what you need to achieve and up to what extent. The strength of your goals will be measured in terms of numbers for example, 100 sales lead.

Apart from quantitative sales lead, you might have qualitative goals for example introducing your brand to new people, making relationship strong with old customers, generating brand recognition, and making contact in the industry.

How to Set Exhibition Goals and Objectives for your Participation in ADIHEX Abu Dhabi Exhibition

1. Determine what you would like to achieve by exhibiting at ADIHEX Abu Dhabi.
Some points to consider:
-Do you want to generate leads?
-Do you want to increase brand awareness?
-Do you want to establish relationships with new distributors or customers?
2. Once you have determined your goal, make sure it is specific and measurable.
For example, “I would like to increase brand awareness by 20%.” is a specific and measurable goal.

 Create Professional Exhibition Stand

The exhibition stand is designed in terms of design and plan. Design refers to the use of equipment’s and visuals to create an effect. Plan refers to investing ideas into the stand for example; how much space will be used for specific number of staff.

Write down everything needed for your stand. All the pop ups, banners, posters, newsletters, brochures, tables, chairs, lighting and other equipment’s should be included in your list. Now ask a professional stand designer to check your stand for suitability with business goals and stand theme.

 Confirm the Information and Training of Staff

A well informed staff can add a lot in achieving your exhibition goals and objectives. Therefore, it is always suggested that you train your office persons to represent the company or brand on the stand. However; if you are working with professional presenters, then demonstrate them fully about your company and goals.

The next step is to train the staff. Remember these elements while training them:

  • Formal Uniform
  • Professional Behavior
  • Smiling Face
  • Eagle Eye on Visitors
  • Time Division
  • Self-management of Stand
  • Breaks
  • Self-supply of Energy Drinks and Coffee/Tea
  • Above all, ask your presenters to invite their contacts.

 Double Check Equipment, Position and Venue

Make sure that all your supplies and equipment’s arrive on fixed time. If the equipment’s will be supplied from your office, then make sure that they reach early. If the equipment’s are to be transported by someone else, then assign some company employee to keep a check on time and equipment’s. The second important thing is to check your position at the venue and the venue itself. Find out your position and the services available there. Check the floor and walls. Make request for sockets and wires if needed. Check the parking area of venue and the number of expected visitors.

Prepare for Follow-Up in Advance

Pre-show and post-show marketing are as important as your energy level at the show. Prepare yourself to work on the leads after the show. Arrange meetings with the new contacts. Assign the responsibility of immediately responding to prospect customers and new ones just after the show back at office. Print the materials and write the thanks-email in advance.

 Pre-Event Promotional Steps for Participation in ADIHEX Abu Dhabi Exhibition

1. Plan and design creative pre-event promotional steps for participation in ADIHEX Abu Dhabi exhibition.
2. Each step must be accompanied by a rationale for its inclusion.
3. The steps should be tailored to fit the needs of your business.

Check EVERYTHING On the Checklist

While planning, write down everything. Make sure that you don’t miss even a very minor thing on the list. Check everything before leaving the office. Some common materials required at the venue include business cards, promotional items and giveaways, meeting calendars, stationary, brochures, and newsletters.

Careful planning can save you from many possible blunders at the show.