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How to Point Out Right Stand Staff at Exhibition Stand in Dubai

Hundreds of thousands of people attend the exhibitions in Dubai, but how to point out the right stand staff at the exhibition. Well, it is necessary to do some homework before the day of the event and hopefully you have done some. Firstly, choose an exhibition which best suits to your particular industry. Secondly, send the invitations to the potential customers. Make sure your invitation card contains all essential information, such as, location of your stand, the date of the event, and brief detail about your company and product.

Select sales people who are not only professional, but also are well presented and well trained to stand on your exhibition stand. They must have all the answers that a potential customer might ask about your company or product. It will create negative impact on your customers if any of your staff members won’t be able to answer any of their questions. A good working team on the stand is as crucial as a perfect looking exhibition booth.

You have the list of exhibitors; check out where your biggest competitors are located. It would be a greater advantage if you’re and your greater competitors are nearby, as they belong to a famous company and can grab your target customers.

Ready each and everything before the day of the exhibition in order to avoid any hassles at the end of the day. Get your brochures ready. If any of the visitors show some interest towards your brochures, don’t hesitate to ask them what they are searching for. You can easily judge whether or not they are a prospective clients by their answer don’t waste your precious time on them if they are not, as you can’t afford to miss out the prospective customers.

If you are there to sell products, print handout that contains the qualities of that product and how it will benefit them. Make them feel that your product is exactly same as they are looking for.

Avoid using too flashy brochures, as they will not be able to attract people. While on the other hand, if it is light colored and attractive it will grab the visitor’s attention easily as compare to glossy brochures.

Once you are successful in forcing people to visit your stand, ask one of your staff members to take their information. Ask them for their business cards. You can use this information anytime to take feedback from them about the event.

Taking part in the event is not an easy task. You have to give all your precious time if you want your event to be successful. Exhibition in the exhibition is no doubt is very profitable, but if you have good, attractive and professional staff members.