Exhibition staff for Dubai Abu Dhabi UAE exhibitions

How to Prepare your Exhibition Staff for Exhibitions in Dubai Abu Dhabi UAE

Working an exhibition stand is hard work and very demanding. It’s essential that the exhibition stand staff are motivated, fresh and professional at all times for Exhibitions in Dubai Abu Dhabi UAE

How do you prepare your exhibition stand staff for Exhibitions in Dubai Abu Dhabi UAE?

1. Deciding how many stand staff you need

2. Conducting a pre-show briefing

3. Telling them what you expect from them

Here we look at:

Deciding how many staff you need

Deciding on how many staff you need for your exhibition stand depends on the size of stand and the available free floor space. It also depends on your exhibiting objectives. As a general rule you should have a minimum of 2 staff to allow each other time off the stand for breaks.

It’s much better to have 3 exhibition stand staff so that there are 2 people on the stand at all times.

Think about:

  • Don’t flood the stand with staff so that there is no room for visitors or indeed to frighten visitors off
  • Trying to plan your space allowing approx 2.5 square metres per person
  • How much available floor space you will have once the exhibition stand is up and you have placed your products
  • Leaving room for visitors and keeping the stand looking open and inviting
  • How many enquiries you need to reach your exhibiting objectives and how long you will spend with each visitor
  • Managing the staff break rota so that busy times have enough stand staff
  • How you will ‘work’ the exhibition stand and interact with the visitors – you may choose to have one person demonstrating product and others flanking to catch visitors or stand staff engaging visitors and handing over qualified prospects to more experienced staff.

Do not line your stand staff up in front of your exhibition stand – this creates a barrier through which visitors can not pass and sends out ‘AVOID’ signals!

As any experienced exhibitor knows, preparation is key to a successful trade show or exhibition. If you’re exhibiting in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or anywhere else in the UAE, there are a few things you can do to help your staff be as prepared as possible. First, make sure everyone on your team is familiar with your exhibitor manual. This document contains essential information about your exhibit space, including layout and electrical requirements. Review it with your team before the show so everyone is on the same page. Second, it’s a good idea to create a schedule of activities for your staff during the exhibition. This will help ensure that everyone knows what they need to be doing and when. Finally, don’t forget to brief your team on the goals of the exhibition. Make sure everyone knows why you’re exhibiting and what you hope to achieve. With a little advance planning, you can help ensure that your staff is ready for a successful show in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or anywhere else in the UAE.

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