Exhibition stand’s Appearance and Functionalit

How to Select Your Exhibition Staff

In the last seven blogs we have gone through the various steps to get a good exhibition stand. But the truth remains that the stand needs lively staff who are passionate about the work at hand and give their heart and soul to attract and engage in fruitful conversation at the stand. Here, we may add that a good sales team always do not make the best exhibition stand team-the reason being that the normal sales person will engage for a longer period with a visitor to close a sales proposition.

What are the desirable qualities of a person at a exhibition stand?

  • A pleasant personality who is open and possesses a welcoming attitude.
  • Knowledge of the domain or industry represented at the stand.
  • Verbal and written communication in the languages used in the region.
  • Willingness to learn and ability to adapt to unforeseen developments in a conversation
  • A sense of humor to divert conversation back to business and ability to bounce back in no time even if someone points out a flaw.
  • Willingness to listen with poise and attention.
  • Open to extra hours at the stand before and after the show timings.
  • And most important is the ability to disengage a visitor in minimum time and engage another.

On your part, you need to be quite clear about the following:

  • How many people do you need to man the exhibition stand? Remember, more people dissuades the visitor from approaching.
  • Do you have a clear pre-event briefing ready for the exhibition staff? Only clear objectives can give clear results. Not even the best exhibition staff can deliver without a clear briefing.
  • Are all the soft additions checked like a dry run of an AV presentation? Preparedness is of umpteen importance. It should never be a on the show training. It cuts a sorry figure with the visitor.
  • Training for the staff is also important. They should be briefed on the objectives and the target segment. They must be trained to make good use of any available literature and presentations. Basic stand manners like ‘no snacks’ inside the stand to be briefed.
  • It is advisable to have a stand manager for large stands who can ensure that the man and material management at the stand during the event is perfect.
  • The importance of attire of the stand staff is another important thing that needs to be looked into. A presentable attire is a must. Companies can opt for uniform, theme or some sort of branding to create an identity.

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