Exhibition Goals

How to set Exhibition Goals for your Exhibitions in Dubai

When you will decide to exhibit in DWTC Dubai you also need to ensure that the exhibition you are planning to participate in matches with overall Marketing strategy 

You have to ask yourself the following questions before booking exhibition stand space for your Exhibitions in Dubai

  • Why I am going to exhibit in this show?
  • What services/products, I am going to exhibit for Exhibitions in Dubai?
  • What exactly, do we want to achieve for your Exhibitions in Dubai?
  • What do we have to do to achieve the desired results for your Exhibitions in Dubai?
  • What product/service image, we are going to project for your Exhibitions in Dubai?
  • How exactly this exhibition fits into our sales and marketing plan?

Your answers to the above questions will help you to form specific objectives that you have to form to get success as an exhibitor for Exhibitions in Dubai  You have to set obtainable and measurable objectives. It will be much easier to judge and measure success if you have specific objectives, like, you can set to generate a specific number of leads from the show, units to sell or appointments to make, etc.

Your exhibition objectives should be challenging but keep in mind, you and your exhibition stand staff are willing to get success, so objectives should be realistic, especially if you are going to exhibit the first time or going to set objectives for the first time.

The following are 6 main reasons, why companies are exhibiting:

  • Build Sales
  • Customer relationship improvement
  • Market research conducting
  • To generate PR or media relations
  • To build awareness of the brand
  • Support and build support channels for sales

While setting your objectives for shows, you have to consider all the above mentioned to sort out why you are exhibiting and what you are planning to achieve.

Is this show going to deliver as per your objectives?

To sort out this, try to get much information that is possible about the exhibition show which you are going to consider:

  • You can ask your show organizer to provide last year’s form for registration and the profile of attendees. This will help you to know, whom you are going to meet on your exhibition floor and it will also help you to match your targeted audience to the expected visitors.
  • You can ask for the names of other exhibitors and have a look at the list of your competitors.
  • You can contact previous exhibitors and exhibition audience, what likes and dislikes they have about the show, and whether it is going to cover their selling and buying needs.
  • You can ask the management of the exhibition, how they are planning to have a promotion for this show and how they can help to find your ideal prospects.

Always choose the exhibition show because it could deliver as per your show objectives, not because your sales team recommends participating as your competitors are going to participate.

It’s necessary to know, what you want as it’s a key factor of success. You need to ensure that you properly understand your objectives. So, these should be SMART:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Time-bound
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