Exhibition staff

What to look for when hiring staff for your Exhibition Stand in UAE

Your staff on your Exhibition stand in UAE is your company or brand ambassador for your Exhibition Stand. It is a staff on your exhibition stand in UAE that will break or make it for you and the way, they will conduct themselves is going to have a long-lasting impression on the visitor’s minds.

The communication process with visitors starts from 20 feet away from the stand. You can suppose that at the time the visitor will be on your stand will already have a pretty good of the greeting they are going to get. So, simply don’t mess up with it.

You also need to make sure, that staff on your stand should be trained, they should know why they are on your stand, they have to know the objectives of your show, know what are you expecting from them and know what they talk about!

The knowledge, body language, attitude, and appearance of your staff on the stand is very crucial to build future business relationships with clients, prospects, and attendees.

You also need to consider carefully, who you are going to select as a team for your Exhibition Stand in UAE The best salespeople don’t only make the best staff for an exhibition stand but they also have to be able to present, engage, qualify and close in a short time and move then proceed for the next visitor – sales folks are normally used to of talking with their prospects for even hours.

So, you need to think about:

  • How is their personality
  • What attitude do they have towards exhibitions
  • What previous performance and experience do they have on exhibition stands in UAE?
  • What industry and product knowledge do they have?
  • What will be the exhibition stand strategy
  • Are they able to present, engage, close and qualify deals
  • What are the individual team weaknesses and strengths
  • They should not interrupt when another person is communicating
  • They need to look at the person who is talking
  • They have to change their facial expressions so the audience knows stand team understands them
  • Is your staff better at qualifying and engaging while other team members are better at closing and presenting? This is a major factor to affect, how your team is going to work on the stand.
  • You also need to ensure that your staff has to listen more than talking. It is obvious from the research that above 75% of visitors to the exhibitions attend as per their pre-planned program. Like they are looking for new ideas or finding new suppliers and establishing new business relationships. Your exhibition stand also has to know the way of interacting with the stand visitors.
  • Exhibition support services for your Exhibitions in UAE

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