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How To Increase Traffic To Your Exhibition Stand in Dubai Trade Event

‘Who’, ‘how many’ & ‘how much’ are questions that are inseparable from a trade event. Who attended, how many visited the Exhibition Stand in Dubai and How much did they interact with the marketing team at the stand?

And these questions have their answers in the quality and performance of the exhibition stand, the buildup to the Dubai Trade Event, and the actual event’s effectiveness. This is especially true for international events like the ones that happen in Dubai. The competition is cutthroat and will try all kinds of gimmicks. To outlive and outshine that, one needs to pick the best arrows or chances are that you may miss the target.

1. One of the most important allies you find is in the local exhibition stand contractors who know the nuances and are masters of the terrain and will deliver the design and fabrication precisely the way you want it.

2. Next, plan the promotions that need to happen before the event, the fervor to be kept up during the event, and the follow-up to the event. A few necessary checkpoints are detailed here to make a well-rounded strategy for an exhibition stand design.

The importance of lights for effective displays

Lights can make or unmake any exhibition stand. Poor planning of the lights can shift attention from displays, make it a “unseen” factor as it is lost in a maze of surrounding things, call attention to only one or some of the displays, make people uncomfortable with too much or too less luminosity, and so on. Well-placed lighting can really help brighten up the displays and create an inviting atmosphere. This can be true only if the stand and displays are organized well within a simple, uncluttered structure where nothing goes unnoticed.

Marketing & Event Management

This starts much before the actual event. Various techniques may be employed to garner attention. Online and offline channels may be explored and tapped. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, google+, youtube, linked in, etc, are now recognized as one of the most powerful channels to unleash a marketing objective. It reaches more in the shortest time. It provides a large platform to showcase the event, and products on display and create a sensation in anticipation for the event.

Which type of marketing and promotions really help? Here are some to consider:

  • Use of hashtags and hyperlinks on social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter. “live tweets” can increase the inflow of traffic
  • Seeding the virtual sphere with blogs, newsletters, ad banners, and news feeds. All these bring attention to the event.
  • Teasers and promotional quizzes also increase brand recall. The more interaction people have, the more they tend to identify and remember a brand.
  • Catch the limelight with promotions like discounted rates, free gifts, and other incentives.

Plan Out With Trade Show Planners

Trade show planners are specialists in the subject of how to make a trade show exhibition stand a success. Their expertise ensures better communication with the select target audiences, media, and public. Business hours are different from public hours of a show. The showcase can be differently displayed or promoted for the different sections. A show planner can guide you on how to create the splash at the trade show.

So, if you are looking for a hassle-free, well-orchestrated event with effective displays and worthwhile traffic, get into the planning mode. Check out the good local contractors and trade show planners available and kick in the marketing moves. Make use of the internet and social apart from the traditional media to create the hype, do your homework and sit back to enjoy the success of a good show and competition and go green with envy.

Why choosing the right Exhibition partner is critical for success in Dubai

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