intersec dubai

INTERSEC Exhibition Dubai

Intersec is an event not restricted to an exhibition, it serves as a portal for exchange of visions and ideas while at the same time providing ground for establishing business collaborations and launching new business endeavors.

Ever increasing number of visitors from all around the globe successfully proves that Intersec stands out as an event for the industry of safety and security, not only magnifying the exposure but boosting the sales and broadening the market potential.

It is the best opportunity to come in contact with the international trademarks in this field and giving your business an extra edge.

Working since 1999 to accomplish miracles in the industry and making users aware of the products and services related to four specific fields:

    • Commercial & Information Security
    • Homeland Security & Policing
    • Safety & Health
    • Fire & Rescue

The organizer of the event Messe Frankfurt Group Is a multinational group, spanning  over a huge part of the globe, working in more than 150 countries, catering 1725 working employees, having collaboration with nearly 50 international distributors and  28 sub branches. This diversity and the outreach of the group makes it viable for the successful organizing of the event and making sure that it is acknowledged at an international level.

The event is specifically engineered to cater for the needs of new and upcoming business professionals in the industry providing them with an ideal platform to make their business shine.

The major aspects of the exhibit are listed below:

    • Interacting with potential customers
    • Discover new business markets
    • Appoint agents / seek principles
    • Getting awareness about the changing user trends
    • Setting up a database regarding the target market
    • Linking up with the existing customers and strengthening business relations
    • To exhibit your awareness and knowledge about various products in front of international audience
    • Acquire interest of potential buyers
    • Making general public aware of various features of your product or service and clearing their doubts.
    • Enjoy brand publicity without any additional effort.
    • Raise awareness about your product
    • Perfect opportunity to introduce new product
    • A chance to lead the market
    • Getting the attention of a crowd that is actively interested in your market
    • Utilization of all the available resources to max out this opportunity

Some tips and tricks are discussed below with necessary guideline as how to approach the event and make necessary preparations:

    • Don’t wait for the last date; book your stand as early as possible!


    • Plan and layout your objectives beforehand!

Is your target to:

    • Produce 70 new sales leads?
    • Introduce a brand new product?
    • Interact with 30 target customers?
    • Acquire ne distributors or dealers?
    • Hand out 1000 product samples?
    • Renovate, decorate and manage your stand according to your objectives, following things matter in this regard.
    • Position of the stand
    • Outlook of the stand
    • Activities to be carried out
    • Staff and their expertise
    • Publicize your presence and your stand; specifically mention the major attractions of your stall.
    • Discuss your activities and objectives with organizers and stake holders.
    • Email your existing customers and contacts about your participation
    • Explain to customers as to why should they visit your stall.
    • Make organizers aware of your services, tasks and activities during the exhibition
    • Fully utilize the opportunities offered by the organizers by consulting the Exhibitor Manual (PD Portal)
    • Make arrangements for your travel and residence in advance to avoid any problems.
    • Make full use of internet to promote and advertise every prospect of your presence at expo.
    • Sponsoring various events is also an excellent way of attracting attention.
    • Being creative and positive will help a lot!
    • Analyze the outlook of your product and stall!
    • Be unique in creating promotional items!
    • Double check with other parties to confirm meetings and stick to your plan!
    • Provide proper guidance to your staff and make them aware of your objectives and their role in achieving those objectives.

During the Show – The home ground

    • What to do during the exhibition!
    • Brief your staff regularly
    • Try to spend as much time as possible with the potential buyers and general population
    • Be confident and exhibit positive body language
    • Your primary goal should be your agenda
    • Prioritize your activities
    • Gain media attention

After the show

    • You shall reap what you sow.
    • De brief your staff
    • Observe the results in the form of sales and coverage
    • Keep track of possible business opportunities
    • Keep your connection to your customers solid
    • Monitor press activity

Strokes Exhibits : Exhibition Industry Leader in Dubai is happy to provide   services for exhibition stand design and fabrication, the state of the art workshops have latest techniques and instruments for manufacturing wide range of stands while at the same time catering for different cultural and international business requirements.

Strokes Exhibits also offers its services for installation of the stands at Intersec exhibition, the qualified and skilled staff is well aware of the safety precautions and the requirements to safely transport and setup the stall from the workshop to the exhibition.

Any industry in security products must not ignore this event as it could be a deciding factor between him and his competitors, furthermore this is a bright opportunity to take your product on a global level and observe international market so you should not miss this event.