How to Market Your Company at DWTC Exhibitions in Dubai

No doubt, exhibitions organized in DWTC (Dubai), ADNEC (Abu Dhabi) and Expo Centre Sharjah are one of the best ways to market your business in Middle East and especially in UAE, as there are hundreds of business owners attending the event each year from all over the world. However, in order to make your sales campaign profitable and effective all you need is proper marketing strategy.

Go through the numbers:

Dubai Exhibition Industry Research states that,

  • About 88% of visitors are new to the exhibition organized in UAE and the sales staff of your company haven’t been seen them in the past 12 months.
  • 7 out of 10 visitors buy anything from the exhibition
  • About 76% visitors asked for the product quote, but only 26% actually buy it
  • According to the 72% visitors the event influenced their purchasing decision
  • You will be successful in getting feedback from 87% attendees only.
  • About 64% attendees will tell others about the exhibition
  • 58% impressed by you and try to attend the exhibition in which your business is exhibiting
  • 40% attend the event for the first time

The exhibition is a win-win state especially in Dubai; however, you have to work a lot in order to gain success at the event. Without proper preparation and marketing, all your effort could be wasted. Plan your precious time effectively at the event and you will see how success comes at your doorstep after the event is finish. Cover all three steps of marketing strategy properly, which includes pre, during and post the event.

Pre-event marketing:

When it comes to pre-event marketing all you need is to cover the following things:

  • You are there at the show
  • Location of your stand
  • Why people visit your trade show stand, what incentives will you offer

Advertise yourself as much as you can. By this prospective and current customers can find you easily. Mention everything properly so that the customers might not face any problem in finding you. You can attract visitors by offering some discounts, or giveaways. As nowadays people are always look for different ways to save their money.

Incentives may include, discounts on a specific day, issuance of discount coupons, free giveaways, think about creative ways to drive people’s attention.

Pre-Event Promotional Steps for Exhibiting in Dubai Trade Shows and Exhibitions

As an exhibitor at DWTC exhibitions, you will benefit from a wide range of marketing activities that will help promote your presence at the show and generate leads. These marketing activities include:

• Advertising and marketing campaigns in key trade titles and online portals

• Editorial coverage in trade journals and online media platforms
• Exhibition website and microsite featuring your company profile and product highlights
• Show preview brochures and post-show reports distributed to key industry contacts
• Online banner advertising on and other websites
• Social media promotion via Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook
• Personalized email invitations to key buyers and industry influencers
• On-site branding and signage opportunities

Marketing during the event:

The best thing to market during the event is your exhibition stand. Make sure to design your stand in a way that will grab people’s attention. Use proper lightening system, sound, colors, motion techniques and smell. Use tempting aromas that attract people towards you and your stand.

Other than this, give proper training to your staff and ensure they dress properly. Make sure the staff you hire for your stand must know how to impress other people through their professionals looks and know how to talk with them. You are offering great products, have an attractive exhibition stand, but if you fail to impress people by your looks, could kill potential sale.

Marketing after the event:

Your show is finish successfully, but now what next? You still need marketing the business no matter the event is finished. Check out all the contacts you gathered as they are essential for the future. People provide you their contacts as they are like your products. Contact with all these people when the event is over. Best time to contact them is after one week when the event ends.

If you want to get success at an exhibition, all you need is proper marketing. Create a proper marketing strategy in order to ensure success.

Exhibition support services in Dubai

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