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14 Common Misconceptions about Exhibition Stand Designs: Dubai

If you are planning to take part in the trade show or an exhibition then you need to consider most of the factors. It is possible that the contradictory comments of the people might make you feel like abandoning your plan, but you need to eliminate the misconceptions entirely. There are some myths concerning the participation in the exhibition and the right exhibition stand will surely make you feel confident. Following are the universal misconceptions about the exhibition stand designs in Dubai.
 Exhibitions stand designs Dubai.
Most of the people expect to see the exhibition stands in the same traditional designs but it is true that standing out in the exhibition with the properly prepared layout  truly counts. Just eliminate the myths about these standard display stands and notch up your exhibit stands! 

1.Exhibition stands do not display the items correctly 

It is one of the most popular myth among the people in UAE. However, many exhibitors believe this to be a misconception and eventually result in spending most of the money on the stand while decorating it instead on the exhibition stand itself. Do remember that the displayable stand must have the right exposure. It will help to increase and attract the potential customers. 

2.No upgradation

People consider that there is no upgradation in the conventional exhibition stand while it is not a reality. Exhibition stand designs Dubai owns one of the best-upgraded stands. However, the conventional styles are eliminated and upgraded with graphic designed exhibition stands which are extremely eye catching. 

3.Less storage spaces 

This myth is entirely false because the variety of the display stands do provide the storage spaces underneath. People who believe in this myth seek the designs with greater space which often leads to irrelevant styles and they are unable to get the appropriate display of their choice.

4.The local exhibition stand providers are not up to the mark 

People believe that the quality provided by the local stand providers is not confirmed till the last minute which is not true! However, the local exhibition stand providers are more efficient and practical in their work. They strive hard to provide the high-quality stands as this is their job. 

5.Zero variety

People in Dubai think that there is no variety in the display stands. The traditional styles change in color but the design remains constant. Well, this is not true either! If you take the personal survey of the market, you will observe the variety of exhibition stands. They come in numerous shapes, designs and attractive decorations. 

6.Personalized stand builder is expensive 

People also believe that personalized stand builder will provide a far more innovative design along with high quality but these builders are extremely expensive. Individuals who fell into the trap of fake or expensive personalized stand builders might have such an experience, it doesn’t necessarily have to be you. Hence, deal wisely with these builders and get practical results in a jiffy. 

7.Pre-built exhibition stands are effective

The people of UAE believe that the pre-built display stand is extra efficient and has an advantage in comparison to other stands. The modular designed display stand is more flexible and portable. It is easy to manage and the team does not have to make extra effort to fit the graphic panels. These stands provide seamless displays. 

8.DIY option is a waste of time 

The people who believe in the readymade things think that DIY options are a waste of time. On the contrary, last year in Dubai, the DIY exhibition stands made up of recycle items were a hit! People were more attracted to them because of their environment friendly promotions. So DIY does work great but you need to be creative and persistent. 

9.Renting the exhibition stands

Various companies prefer to use the display stands for rent and eventually find out that it is the optimal solution for saving time, money and effort. This misconception may lead to a bad reputation because most of the designs of the exhibition stands available on rent do not match the idea which you are going to present. Hence rather than saving money, time and effort you might lose your potential customers instead. 

10.Local labor cost is expensive 

Most entrepreneurs present their opinions about the high labor costs and how managing the workers is tough. The truth is that Dubai does not own any unions, while exhibitors have a right to build their exhibition stands. The labor costs are low while the workers are unable to speak in English because they are mostly Malaysian and Indian. That is why it is advisable to get the stand built from a trusted, professional and a reputed worker.

11.3D designs do not attract the customers

If you have visited the market and the malls or have taken a visit to any local exhibition, you might have observed that the exhibition stand designs Dubai have introduced outstanding designs recently. The new 3D design is reasonable in price and attracts more customers than a standard or a modular stand. The installation of the 3D stand is effortless and can be broken into various pieces which provides portability as well as an easy assembling. 

12.The exhibition stands are not competitive in Dubai 

If you think that the exhibition stands in Dubai are not competitive, then you are completely wrong. Dubai provides one of the best and innovatively designed stands. The 3D designed, graphic printed stands are available in various sizes, colors and shapes. Instead, they are attracting more customers than the stalls or shops because of the unique variations. 

13.Translation is prohibited 

If you think that all your brochures and the promotion of your services should be in English, then you are totally wrong. It is good and wise to print the flyers in different languages. Most of the people in UAE are Indians or Pakistanis and they can understand English well but what if the local residents visit your stand? Instead of explaining verbally, print your brochures in Arabic as well as the idea will leave a good impression.

14.Be casual 

One of the great mistakes which the exhibition teams make is their casual behaviors. They think that the casual response will make the customers feel more relaxed. It is not true! You must need to be professional in your behavior. Stay focused on your aim. 
Most of the people or the visitors misunderstand the exhibition teams as novices and do not pay much attention to them. They take them as the promoters which is wrong. Due to this reason the variations and variety in the exhibition stand designs, Dubai was introduced. It helps to grab the attention of people and attract more customers because of the innovated styles. It is essential for the skilled team to design their displays smartly. It must be creative and should ensure all the technical requirements so that their particular message is delivered across properly. 

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