Misconceptions of Exhibition contractors in Dubai

14 Common Misconceptions about Exhibition Stand Contractors Dubai

From designing to building and showcasing your stand: Exhibition Stand Contractors in Dubai are professionals in showcasing your brand to your Exhibition visitors matching your brand parameters. However, the Exhibition contractors are often misjudged including these :

1.    They Have No Idea About Strategic Exhibition Marketing

The core concept of strategic exhibition marketing is to align your core brand strategy with exhibition marketing. Professional exhibition stands contractors in Dubai work on different criteria before deploying a design. The areas include the niche of a brand, products, and services of a company, service history, success milestones, success stories, target markets of the enterprise, and more. These all elements are important for conceiving a design that best manifests the purposes of strategic exhibition marketing of a firm.

2.    They are Technology Illiterate

Unfortunately, many people consider exhibition stand contractors similar to textile designers and manufacturers. Professional Exhibition stands design and construction is a totally unique process that requires the utility of modern tools, like 3D computer-generated imaging of exhibition stands, production of 3D banners and pop-up stands, displaying the latest technological equipment like LED displays and pillars to attract visitors, installation of CCTV cameras, and more.

3.    All They Want is Profit From Budget

Designing, deployment of resources, and constructing the stand are some parts of exhibiting your business. Aside from these, budget maintenance and resource management are two services of exhibition stand contractors in Dubai, which are often overseen by people. Good exhibition contractors obtain the best possible resources at affordable rates and maximize the usability of these resources while maintaining a low budget. Most of the contractors operate on fixed rates and do not charge commissions for saving money from the budget. Their major purpose is to exhibit the business in the most cost-effective way.

4.    They Work as Small Teams

Exhibition contractor service is a well-organized sector in Dubai and all over the world. Reliable contractors may not boast the number of team members to the clients however, most of the professional contractors will have their own production facility as well as a design team. The infrastructure includes all major departments including finance, human resource, management, resource allocation, designing, information technology, construction engineers, electrical experts, and others. Do not be surprised if an exhibition contractor introduces you to a project manager of their firm.

5. Unprofessional Fashion Designers become Exhibition Stand Designers

Exhibition stand designing is essential coursework in event management. People pursuing their degrees in Event Management Sciences choose an exhibition stand design as an elective course. The industry is entirely different from fashion design.

6. They Buy Stuff from the Market and Muster it Up

The professional exhibition stand contractors focus on customized designs instead of plagiarized designs. They brainstorm their own ideas while ensuring to minimize the resources and elements and lowering the budget costs. From complex engineering pipes to extravagant frenzy of neon lights, the exhibition contractors in Dubai focus on creative designs, instead of the feasibility of construction.  

7. They Outsource Work to Marketers

As mentioned earlier, the exhibition contractors work as established teams with classified departments. Most of the work is accomplished in-house however, the contractors may need to outsource small jobs. In-house operations are complementary services to maintain an equal level of quality throughout the project.

8. They Do Not Have a Portfolio

The portfolio is the proof of work/services in the respective profession. Exhibition stand contractors in Dubai do not build portfolios like models and celebrities. Their portfolios are built in the form of milestones of professional success. The contractors may produce the portfolio in the form of a booklet or corporate guide. Some contractors offer digital presentations of their work.

9. They Work on Fixed Designs

The exhibition contractors have in-house exhibition stand designers. The contractors produce a corporate portfolio of their clients including their products, services, target market, and such. They provide the portfolio to designers. The designers produce creative briefs for idea deployment. The contractors approve the design in collaboration with the clients.

10. They Should be Obliged to Clients

Exhibition stand contractors in Dubai work solely on business terms. An exhibition contractor is a professional, with a high probability of a professional degree in the respective field. On the other hand, the client is a customer, like any other customer who buys products or renders services. Exhibition contractors and clients fulfill business and market needs each other, which is why neither of the two should be obliged by the contract.

11.  They do Not Welcome Ideas

The exhibition stand contractors are always hunting for fresh ideas and creative strategies. From natural resources to artificial intelligence, they seek inspiration from everything around the planet. This is why they always welcome ideas given by the clients. A majority of the contractors approve the exhibition stand design only after receiving the approval of their client.

12. They Do Not Understand the Power of Branding

Branding is an art therefore, not everyone can become a brand manager. Sounds clichéd? Well, the exhibition stand contracts excel the art of brand manifestation in the best interests of the corporation. The exhibition stand contractors incorporate branding as an essential ingredient of the stand to maximize the achievement of the exhibition and the business of their clients.

13. They Have Fixed Contracts

The designing, construction, and display of an exhibition stand is a hectic process with exhaustive service in the background. Many exhibition stand contractors are willing to go the extra mile to serve their clients. Most of the contractors offer brochures of their services however, they may serve an extra purpose if asked.

14. They are Not Future-Seeking

Different corporations work on different motives or purposes of an exhibition. Some organizations want to expand their corporate contacts while others want to find new leads. Some firms require more conversions whereas others look for introducing their new products and services in the market. The exhibition contractors are future-seeking individuals, ready to implement futuristic strategies that help sustain business profits and expand market penetration.

The exhibition stand contractors in Dubai are determined to serve your corporate purposes beyond designing and constructing stands. They incorporate your business values in simple engineering designs. From customized designs to exclusive display plans, the services of exhibition contractors help businesses earn market value and brand recognition.

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