PrecisionMed Exhibition

Exclusive Preview of PrecisionMed Exhibition & Summit, DUBAI

PrecisionMed Exhibition & Summit to be held in Dubai on May 23-24, 2023, will provide a unique opportunity for healthcare providers, industry experts and academic scientists to make connections and share knowledge.

For health tech and tech service providers it is a great opportunity to meet and do business with key decision-makers in healthcare from across the Gulf / Middle East Region.

PrecisionMed is a focused event that attracts best minds from around the world dedicated to accelerate targeted therapies. This summit provides a great opportunity to connect and collaborate with other healthcare providers in the region and create solutions that promise better healthcare every day.

For governments in the Gulf region rising life expectancy, growing populations and changes in lifestyle are leaving a healthcare burden, and to tackle the medical needs of their populations they are keen to find smart approaches.

To grow your presence in the fastest growing market the exhibition and summit provides an opportunity to connect with healthcare providers and laboratories, investors, distributors, research bodies and government partners.

The only event that is dedicated to precision medicine in the Middle East, it aims to improve the quality of patient care and includes the acquisition and analysis of patient health data to translate scientific advances in disease research. This event will showcase the latest services and technologies in the field.

It will see over 90 distinguished speakers from all over the world and 100 exhibitors from more than 25 countries sharing their latest research and products on health digitization.

Precision medicine describes the world of personalised medicine that is evolving and including the use of targeted therapies, biomarkers, and the integration of patient health data to translate scientific advances into human health.

Personalised solutions are gaining popularity in targeted cancer therapies and genomics, regenerative medicine, and now include a wide range of treatments and diagnostics for both common and rare diseases.


Exhibiting or visiting the exhibition gives you an opportunity to discover the latest solutions from all areas of precision medicine from more than 40 participating countries, including the USA, UK, Germany, and many more!


The Summit will see 150+ industry experts and thought leaders who will delve deep into the new frontiers of precision medicine technologies, digitisation, trends, and more.


To enhance your skills, career, and genome knowledge make connections with practitioners and influential professionals in precision medicine.


  • At this co-located event, aspiring health-tech startups deliver their pitches to source funding from ready investors.
  • Get a glance into the future of health by connecting with Middle East Healthcare professionals at PrecisionMed 2023.
  • For buyers and sellers it provides a private environment to learn, meet, network, do business and discover new solutions, products, and technologies from some of the leading healthcare companies showcasing their ground-breaking medical solutions.


  • Display leadership position within the GCC medical sector
  • Generate more exposure for your brand in the MENA region
  • Meet and greet healthcare budget holders in the Middle East
  • Meet and network with distributors to increase your Middle East presence
  • Network with policymakers, industry leaders, and government entities
  • Engage with medical professionals working on the future of health and launch your product
  • Event marketing campaigns to gain market visibility. An opportunity to reinforce your brand position in the Middle East healthcare market by gaining cross-show promotion.
  • Reinforce your industry-thought leader position by speaking at the conference


  • More than 5,500 visitors looking into the future of health
  • For buyers and sellers to learn, meet, do business, network and discover new services and products PrecisionMed 2023 provides a unique environment
  • Research institutes and specialist hospitals
  • Private and government hospital chains
  • Policy influencers and public sector acquisitions officers
  • Healthcare laboratories
  • Distributors and resellers
  • Government specifiers and buyers in disease prevention and treatment
  • Business investors/angels
  • Patient representative groups
  • Media
  • Industry Associations

Host a Workshop

If you are working on precision medicine solutions and want to position your company as an industry thought leader in the Middle East you must host a workshop.

A range of parallel workshops are hosted by event sponsors and partners.

The growth of precision medicine has been put firmly on national agendas by the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Qatar governments with significant R&D investments. For those driving the growth of precision medicine PrecisionMed Exhibition & Summit will provide a unique platform to debate, collaborate, and showcase the best healthcare solutions in the world.

Why Visit

To drive precision medicine forward it is your opportunity to join the most progressive science leaders who will be on stage.

One-hat-fits-all treatments are no longer in vogue. This is the age of personalised therapies. Precision medicine’s aim is to deliver the right treatment or the right dose to the right patient at the right time.

For the hundreds of millions of patients, genomics is unlocking the potential for precision medicine.

To reduce ineffective treatments and costs and create better care there has never been a better time to meet your peers and debate, explore and learn precision technologies available.

Why you must attend PrecisionMed 2023

  1. The PrecisionMed Exhibition & Summit is a unique opportunity to network with and listen to key opinion leaders (KOLs), healthcare decision-makers and international scientists.
  2. b) Based on environmental, molecular, and patient lifestyle factors increase your understanding of the basis for current effective targeted therapies in disease.
  3. c) Learn more about the methods used to analyse molecular data and patient diagnostic, including the concepts of molecular profiling of individual diseases.
  4. d) Learn about pharmacogenomics, and how it has tracked the influence of genetic variation on patient drug responses with the help of gene expression with drug efficacy and safety as the foundation of targeted therapy in personalized medicine.
  5. e) To personalise patient treatment to reduce drug toxicities and improve outcome explore new approaches that provide a rationale for identifying and understanding drug resistance.
  6. f) Discover the latest advances in precision medicine targeted to the patient.
  7. g) Update your understanding of therapeutic clinical guidelines, current diagnostic and best practices in precision medicine in all areas.
  8. h) Discover innovative treatment approaches into healthcare systems and daily clinical practice.
  9. i) Learn more about the new paradigm of personalized medicine with the help of artificial intelligence (AI), or machine learning.
  10. j) Learn how to reduce the burden of malignancy and chronic diseases by identifying global and regional met and unmet needs in healthcare.
  11. k) Learn to implement precision medicine in real-world healthcare using codes of practice and regulate data protection, patient privacy, and data sharing.
  12. l) Meet global key opinion leaders (KOLs), healthcare professionals, scientists, managers and policymakers to develop a healthcare system that supports your needs in maintaining awareness of current and future advances in precision medicine.

Why healthcare professionals and clinicians should attend:

There will be exhibits and presentations in all diagnostic and therapeutic areas in the two-day event, with updates on new developments in healthcare digitisation and molecular diagnostics. Here is your chance to get CME certificates of attendance.

An event molecular biologists and researchers in life sciences should not miss

The event will feature the latest updates on current research in technologies and molecular biology that support precision medicine. It’s a unique opportunity to form collaborations and network with international researchers and experts in your field, and exchange ideas.

Why government representatives and healthcare providers should attend

The future of medicine is precision medicine, supported by digitised health technologies. In many government-funded and private general and specialist health facilities it is now part of medical practice. For public health programmes real-world implementation of precision medicine with eHealth technology will have implications.

Why demonstrators and technical manufacturers should exhibit

The event features more than 6,000 meetings and exhibition attendees like healthcare professionals, international scientists, government representatives and healthcare providers. To learn more about new products, technology, and healthcare solutions visitors to the exhibits will be highly motivated. Leading healthcare decision-makers in the Gulf and Middle East region will be attending this meeting to network and do business.

For researchers, healthcare providers, influencers, public sector buyers and others from across this eco-system within the GCC PrecisionMed Summit co-located with EMERGE GHI is an unrivalled opportunity to attend as delegates and catch up on latest developments, opportunities and outcomes within this dynamic area of diagnostics, disease prevention, and treatment.


  • Share your vision and expertise with the most influential government bodies and healthcare professionals.
  • Want to position yourself as an industry thought-leader and grow business opportunities for your organisation by gaining new allies? Speaking at PrecisionMed Summit is your best bet.

3.) Make yourself known in the medical community.

4.) With your knowledge and insight drive change.

5.) Build credibility and influence industry professionals.

6.) Build your business by expanding your professional network.

Changing the future of healthcare

PrecisionMed Exhibition & Summit’s 2022 edition co-located with EMERGE GHI evoked a positive response and got a lot of good feedback from all areas of its stakeholder community.

For pioneering start-ups it’s the right platform to showcase technologies that are changing the future of healthcare. They have vouched for its effectiveness in catering comprehensively to the growing personalised healthcare marketplace.

At the exhibition and summit leading healthcare companies and personalities were honoured. It was the meeting point for thought leaders and medical pioneers from the Middle East, Asia, the USA and Europe and together they unearthed new opportunities in the digital technology-driven precision medicine (PM) field.

Within the next 18 months the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region’s precision medicine market is expected to grow by nearly 10% per year to US$2.1 billion in value, and is expected to transform the region into a healthcare hub.  

Held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Cabinet Member and President of UAE Genetic Diseases Association, the exhibition and summit saw Sharjah University being recognised for topping the UAE’s 2020-2021 rankings in the publication of Advances in Biomedical and Health Sciences.

The organisers are all geared up for the second edition of the exhibition, which will take place in Dubai from May 23-24, 2023.

Its next edition will see more than 50 healthcare solution providers from 25 countries exhibiting, this includes G42, an Abu Dhabi-based pioneer in AI and Cloud Computing that is developing the UAE’s capital’s Centre of Digital Health. Empowered by Biogenix Labs they are showcasing their cutting-edge clinical genetic solutions.

Leader Life Sciences, Another UAE sector pioneer, showcased its outstanding efforts at furthering the thought of #OnePatientOneTreatment. The company holds a metaverse, from pathology solutions all the way to genomics, that can equip the scientific community with all the amenities to simplify their path to scientific breakthroughs and advance their stride in various scientific disciplines.

Their focus is to introduce the technological advances for precision medicine in the GCC region. It has made huge strides in the development of biotechnology and digitisation of health profiles that expanded personalisation into the world of clinical trials, drug discovery, prognosis and diagnosis. Advances are made in these fields through analytical tools and digital devices, along with research and diagnostic approach using them.

It is expected to help bring innovators in direct contact with investors, and policy makers, who are ready to invest in health-tech that can help progress development in healthcare.

The Summit stage saw more than 70 international experts delivering incisive insights into Precision Medicine, which is moving healthcare from a ‘one size fits all’ to a targeted, personalised, approach. With aspiring health tech start-ups seeking to win funding support from investors the ground-breaking EMERGE GHI investment forum is a hotbed of innovation.

Making preventive and personalised care a reality

The aim of PrecisionMed Exhibition and Summit is to elevate the UAE’s healthcare sector by making preventive and personalised care a reality. It will see 250 comprehensive clinical genetic test panels that use the state-of-the-art sequencing technologies, with the shortest turnaround time. These advanced tests will help not only screen but also facilitate early diagnosis and treatment of cancer, many new-born genetic conditions and rare and metabolic diseases.

The PrecisionMed Exhibition and Summit has received a multi-disciplinary and multi-national response on their first Middle East outing, and if the organisers are to be believed the Exhibition & Summit and the EMERGE GHI investment forum will be an annual event on Dubai’s calendar from now on in a region where the appetite for technology and healthcare investment is consistently expanding.

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