Representation Service

Strokes Representative Services

In today’s highly competitive markets it is essential to have an edge especially when you want to grow and not just survive. As markets around the globe stabilize, this is the perfect opportunity to grow your business beyond borders, but often the risks involved of setting up an international office is a deterrent.

Strokes Representation service offers specialized business representative services and partner you in getting a prestigious international address for your business without moving physically. Minimal start up investment and through knowledge & understanding of local markets along with an experienced team of professionals help us maintain the highest standard of services. With offices in India, Australia & Dubai, our strength is our contacts both in the government and public sectors and our understanding of legal requirements. We have a team based approach and our knowledge & use of latest electronic communication systems allow us to give you services that offer optimum ROI without the hassles and risks. At Strokes Representation we believe, ‘Taking your business beyond borders is our business’.

We have privileged market intelligence, In-depth knowledge of regulatory government processes, through experience & insight of widely varying local markets, detailed & focused services. We have process-driven services and the ability to provide creative business solutions, secure opportunities & close deals within aggressive time frames. We believe in optimizing ROI and we maximize coverage and effectiveness while minimizing risk & cost. Strokes representation services offer turnkey marketing initiatives solutions and support for creation of marketing communication tools including advertising, events etc. We give competent manpower and have a team of highly qualified, experienced industry experts and technological consultants.

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