Best Exhibition Stand Contractors in Dubai

Secret Formula of Best Exhibition Stand Contractors in Dubai to make your stand Unique

Exhibition stand contractors leave no stone unturned to make their stands unique. What they emphasise is on the recall value, so that visitors will remember a brand or product even after the exhibition is over. A company starts getting business mostly after the show is over hence getting a good recall value is of utmost importance.

To get a good recall value exhibition stand contractors in Dubai come up with a number of unique ideas.

An exhibition industry survey shows that more than half of the respondents recalled the brands when they were displayed prominently. The second important factor is the size of the exhibition stand. The survey also shows that the majority of people remembered the products when displayed appropriately. The recall value of the product demonstrations, stand activities and staff behaviour was also impressive. Almost 20% of the people could recall the design and colour of the stands, and 10% could remember the literature.

Based on these findings, exhibition stand contractors advise their clients on how to build the recall factor of their exhibition stands. Here are some of the factors that you should focus on to get a good recall value of your exhibition stands.

Size Matters

When it comes to exhibtion stands, bigger is always better. Hence top exhibition stand contractors in Dubai always advise their clients to go for large stands. Participants tend to visit and even remember large exhibtion stands. To make a small exhibition stand a grand success will be quite a task.


Building and managing a brand contirubtes to the success of any company. And to get the attention of the visitors, exhibition stand contractors advise their clients to create impressive signage. The aim is to make the brands the hero of their stands.

Visibility counts

To increase the visibility of your brand, you should take part in exhibitions more often. This will enhance the credibility of your company as well. Exhibition stand contractors often advise their clients to take part in expos more frequently.

Emphasis on product display

An attractive product display will never go unnoticed. It is also a excellent way to create recall value. Exhibition contractors help their clients to choose and display the right products that will get the attention of participants.

Product demos

 Stand contractors Dubai help their clients to come up with interesting product demos so that any visitor who sees the demos will remember the brand and the product for a long time.

Interactive activities

Interactive activities can woo visitors to the stands. This will help their clients to organize such activities so that the stands will get complete attention from visitors. These activities will make them remember about your product and service even after the show.

Design and Colour

Creating striking designs for exhibition stands is important, since over 20% of participants remember the design and colour of the exhibition stands even after the show.

Giveaways & staff behaviour

Visitors will also remember how the staff behaved when they visited a stand. So the right training should be imparted to the stand staff. Great care should be taken on training stand staffers. A useful gift will also help vistors remember your brand.

These simple tips and tricks can make an exhibition a big success.  

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