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Social Media Tactics to Make Your Stand Talk of DWTC Exhibition Dubai

Among all the marketing and advertising tools, ROI has become the easiest to conduct and control. Social media has made it even easier by bringing the audience to your fingertips. Although, the competition has greatly increased, but good marketing skills and effective communication techniques can take you among the top listed businesses. For marketing and advertising based ROI, nothing could be better than social media for making your participation successful at DWTC Exhibition Dubai.

Let Everyone Talk about You

Exhibitions, trade shows and B2B events are considered convenient solutions for long term and extensive goals in Dubai and Middle East business market. But before starting your effort, time and money investment, make sure that people know about your stand presence.

There are many free networking sites which are commonly known as social networking sites. You can connect with millions of people on these websites and convey your messages. Here are some top tips for establishing a strong foundation about your presence at an exhibition or a trade show and embracing a confirmed presence of people on your stage.

1-      Use the Hashtag

For business oriented profiles, Twitter is the best option. Hashtag might seem an overwhelmingly used icon but trust that hashtag connects you with so many relevant people that 50% of your message is spread just with it. Hashtags are also used for event updates. Here are further top 3 tips for creating and using Twitter Hashtag.

  • Always keep it short. A 140 character tweet including the hashtag word will be easy to remember, interesting and good to share.
  • Add information professionally and formally.
  • Maintain the loop of tweets by using a similar hashtags more than twice.

2-      Start a Competition

Small quizzes and competitions on the social media offer ‘free’ giveaways. People don’t have to travel or pay so they take active part in such competitions. Organize a competition relevant to your event or exhibition. Make sure that the competition delivers important information about the event.

You can also promote the event by asking people to share your stuff or talk about your upcoming event. A brief blog, quick tweet or fun status will help you engage people on the social networking sites.

3-      Promote Short Films

The biggest example of such promotion is the Hollywood movies promotion. Take quick snapshots of the preparation, workshop and banners etc. Make a documentary or promotions based film and post them to the social media. Add something that makes it worth sharing. A jingle, association with something from past, nostalgic material and brilliant ideas can make it interesting for sharing. Upload it to movie based websites like Vimeo and Youtube.

Curiosity is the essence of such promotion videos. Tell people about your event or exhibition participation but leave something incomplete that will generate curiosity and motivate them to come to the show. Curiosity also makes people talk about your stuff.

4-      Start an Interactive Page or group

Everyone now knows that the best way to promote your business and invite people to interact with your brand is to create a group or page on the social media. Create a group or page and invite relevant people. Many social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn charge a few dollars for promoting your name and advertising your stuff.

Share exciting stuff and tell people about those whom they will meet on the show. Give offers to the group members and incite them to attend the show for benefits.

5-      Become a Reminder Alarm

Research shows that many people regret missing out an event or exhibition because they simply forgot. Internet world is so packed that anyone can easily forget an event, exhibition or a show. Therefore; you will have to become a reminder alarm and keep them reminding so that they don’t miss the event.

Many companies start spamming the inboxes of audiences which results in total rejection to your emails and messages. Don’t spam. Inform people in a creative way. The primary timings to remind people are at least one week before the show and then one day before the show. For RSVP, reminder should be set 3 weeks before the event and then 3 days before the event. A short reminder just one day before is also good to send.

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