Go Green! Guide of Eco-Friendly Stand Designing for Dubai Exhibitions

Stand Design Quality – Promise to Your Exhibition Success in Dubai

Among all your business investments in Middle East, Dubai exhibition is the strongest and the most effective one to bring a prominent change in your public profile. Your efforts should be founded on the goal of making your products and company prominent and one-in-a-crowd, and also on the goal of having a positive impact making conversation with your potential customers.

Impressive Design and Design Quality

Impression comes with presentation. Therefore; your stand design and the presentation will make it stand out of the crowd. Effective, message-giving, strong and clear stand design ensures a qualitative design.

For pop up stands, a very simple example is here. Consider a company that produces injections and other medical equipment’s. It is the case in which images are as important as the statements are. Keep the images bigger but at a lower height. However; keep the text at the average height of a human so that everyone can read it when they come closer to the stand. Another good practice for all the stand designs is to give address, phone number, email address or website at the prominent place of stand. This will help you to target or stay in the mind of those people as well who didn’t come to your stand.

For pop up stand designs, use the images in frames so that you can cut and use them on different panels of other stands as well. Another great tip is to design a two-walled stand only so that it looks inviting with open space. Two-walled stands are easy to read. These can be flexibly molded into other stands whenever needed.

Test to Make it Best

It is always highly recommended to test the stand so that all errors can be omitted. When you test a stand at your warehouse, you can select the most suitable person for demonstrations. Consider a very tall demonstrator whose height completely dominates the stand and hides the design, images and texts. Another benefit is that testing can help you run smoothly on the exhibition day. Sometimes, the exhibition time starts, people start visiting and exhibitors are busy in adjusting their stands. In this way, you will miss many prospects as the first-comers are the most excited and potential ones.

Strong Foundation for Show

There are tens of things to do on the show. You have to stay active, give friendly responses, demonstrate and brief, search new customers, make leads, build relations, expose your brand, and many other tasks to do. For these short-timed but exhaustive days, you need a strong foundation. A good design will give you a strong foundation and an effective cover, even if a sales person runs out of operations.

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