Exhibition in Dubai

10 Steps to Successful Exhibition in Dubai

1. Set Exhibition Goals & Objectives:

Zero in on the target goals. Once these are set and defined, the attainment becomes all the easier. Before partaking in any exhibition in Dubai, be clear about what you aim to get out of the exercise.

Is it the platform for you to communicate to a wider audience or a select audience? Do you wish to launch a new product or service?

2. Develop an Exhibition Plan

How much time do we have? The exhibition plan can be broadly classified into three time periods. First is the ‘pre event’ plan, the second ‘during the event’ and the third ‘post event’ plan.

Pre-event begins with the budget, media planning and Exhibition Stand Design. During the event, part covers the communication aids at the stand and the team at the event. Post-event includes reading the leads and follow-up, reports on media, newsletters and emailers to visitors to the exhibition

3. Prepare an Exhibition Marketing Budget

The Budget encompasses the marketing jig, the structure needs, the graphic enhancements, the people factor and the amenities at the event. The bracket is clear and makes sound ROI. If you have a similar event elsewhere, try to have one-time spending on as many facets of structure and design.

4. Read the Exhibitor manual

The exhibitor manual is a Bible of sorts, most of the time. It clearly lays out the guidelines on how to exhibit.  Hindsight of past events by the same organization is help to gauge the visitor’s profile.

5. Decide on What to Exhibit

Decide the focus of the exhibition, and the facet of a product or service you want to be highlighted. Often it comes to pass that the major exhibit gets sidelined by other exhibits.

6. Choose the right Exhibition Stand Space

Position and judicious utilization of space hold the key to success. The import of the main exhibit can never be compromised by poor stand design.
7. Considerations for Designing your Exhibition Stand

A planned exhibition stand design gives ample room to interact and move around. Also important is lighting solutions and supportive graphics at the stand.

8. How to Select Your Exhibition Staff

Have balanced pleasing persons who know to keep a knowledgeable conversation and convert visits to business leads. Stay wary of Stuck ups, too attractive, non-starters.

9. Motivate your Exhibition Stand Staff

Tell them they are the life and blood of the show and that only they can make the event successful. Perk up their confidence with a word or two of their dress and watch them raring to go.

10. Promote your Exhibition Stand

Put up pointers to your stand in the exhibition area. Use social networking sites to sell that yours is the most Happening stand at the event. Have interactive sessions, lucky dip prizes and the kind to draw people to the stand.

The team at Strokes Exhibits has helped countless businesses successful

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With all these in place, you can expect any show to be a grand success. Happy exhibiting!