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Tips for Building Great Exhibition Stands for Dubai Exhibitions

If you are looking to have an exhibition stand Dubai then you need to consider a few options before exhibiting. You can take help from a local exhibition service provider or you can have your exhibition stand contractor and the team from the country you are flying from. In the first case, you won’t be quite sure of the exhibition stand quality until the last moments as you have not worked previously with any local builder and the second option can become too costly as you would then have to bear the expenses of travel and accommodation of your stand building team. So, a great exhibition stand for Dubai exhibitions can be built in the most economical way when you do some homework on your own.

You need something unique that grabs the attention of the visitors. You have to make things interesting to make people interested in your booth. Following are some tips for building great exhibition stand for Dubai exhibitions.

  Make a UniqueExhibition Stand 

Exhibitions in Dubai are a big investment in terms of time and money. If you are intending to make some investment in exhibitions in Dubai then the first thing you must spend your money on is your booth to make it stand out. You can invest in some expensive booth that you may use again in next exhibitions. However, if reusing it isn’t something you prefer or you aren’t a frequent exhibitor then you have to look for some aspect of marketing.

Go for versatile kind of booth so that it can be resized to different dimensions like 10×10, 20×20, and 10×20 etc. This would allow you to decrease or increase your exhibition footprint while keeping the visually appealing elements of your stall and keeping loyal to your brand.

Choose Giveaways Wisely

There is certainly no doubt that the promotional items offered by you will have an impact on attracting people to your exhibition stand Dubai. It is very unlikely that you can create a positive buzz with the help of some crappy ballpoints giveaways.

Making an investment in promotional items that are of good quality and are unique is the key. If you are concerned about the expense of this then you should know that everyone shouldn’t get the “big gift”. Have certain high quality stuff and some low quality (not really cheap) that you will give to your stand attendees.

For bigger items giveaways, you have to look for full impact. You can always give these things to people who are actual prospects however you have to take advantage of this chance to collect phone numbers for following up with them after the exhibition, before giving out these goodies.

The remaining of these “big prizes” must be a part of some attention grabbing, interactive and fun experience. You can always incorporate a game to your exhibition stand Dubai and have these big giveaways a prize for the winners.

 Create a Checklist for your Booth

Before you arrive at the event with all your stuff you need to make sure you have everything you need for setting up your exhibition stand Dubai. If your booth requires something to display your stuff you should have it in your checklist. Make sure you have make a list of your inventory, have the necessary money change to give back to your customers on sales, pen & paper for keeping a record of your sales or something electronics for sales records, a debit/credit card machine for facilitating customers with the payments if possible.

Demo your Service or Product

When you are spending money on exhibition stand Dubai, then it is apparent that your product or your service is unique and valuable. Think of your exhibition attendees as your sales calls and try to demonstrate your product or service to them. If you have something that can be demoed, try showing its real-time worth. Also, if you are displaying products do not simply put them on your booth. Make the display attractive enough so that the display catches the attendee’s attention.

Use Technology

Numerous modern day technologies may be applied to your exhibition stand Dubai to give your attendees a great feel. Digital signage along with interactive touchscreens is seen used popularly to grab attention of the people. Such elements may be used for showing processes, educate stall visitors, showcase user testimonials and other functions that can help an exhibitor stand out from the crowd.

Use Social Media Wisely

Even though exhibitions are “in-person” event, which doesn’t mean your social media existence can’t play an important role in your overall exhibition effectiveness. Active participation on social media during the exhibition can help your resonate and connect with different audiences and attendees who could not make it.

Make sure you are using hashtags related to your event so that people can find your social media posts easily. Also, posting stuff live from the event can actually make someone visit you if it appeals them.

These are some of the tips for making your exhibition a success. Also, you should not go alone to the exhibition and always have at least two to three people to attend different customers at a time.

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