Tips for great Exhibition stand

Tips for Designing a Great Exhibition Stand for Dubai Exhibitions

Exhibition stands today have made many of the firms lives easier as Dubai exhibitions are now considered as a great platform to promote the offering of a company whether a product or service to large number of potential customers easily and efficiently. Exhibitions today have made it possible to use the marketing programs effectively and efficiently with using fewer costs than organizing a whole event by a firm itself.

The major part of execution comes when a firm designs the exhibition stands for promoting its offering and to generate responses of the consumers. The major element to ponder lies in designing an effective, unique, creative and appealing exhibition stand in order to stand out and to grab large number of audience’s attention. A firm should follow certain strategies before designing a good exhibition stand so that it can avoid any error or misrepresentation or any other fault. Following are some tips to design an amazing exhibition stand for the exhibitions organized in Dubai:

Start Early

The first and foremost thing to consider by a good firm is that it should build a plan early before the designing of the exhibition stand. Since large, Creative and appealing exhibition stands require extensive work that should be carefully done in order to avoid any mistakes or blunders. It is highly preferred that firms should prepare their exhibition stand and begin the process at least 4 to 6 months before the final presentation so that all the processes can be done smoothly from idea generation to creating to execution to logistics and so forth. Also, firm should consider some key elements in starting the process early in order to be efficient and creative.

  • Supplier’s Information: the first thing to consider is about the supplier you are dealing with and are depending to provide you the resources and material and also designing the exhibitions stand and to deliver it on time. Credibility is the major element that should be considered for selecting a supplier.
  • Resources Provides: does the suppliers provide you the desired resources, the product, designing ideas, creative brief, guarantee regarding product and other tools that are required for creating and designing of an ideal stand?
  • Stand’s Portability: the best exhibition stands are the ones that are easily transported or can be assembles. Innovative and creative suppliers know how to build such stands that are easier to transport and also to assemble once the firm is done with the show.
  • Costs: for many firms costs are considered as an essential element to consider while creating and designing a unique exhibition stand. Since many firms have limited budget so for them it is necessary to critically analyze the costs of the stand and other related costs that will incur and then design whether it is economical to spend a huge chunk of money. For firms with greater budget, they should also look for the costs that will incur and whether it will prove out to be a wise investment in designing an innovative and unique exhibition stand.
  • Rental Options: Some low budget firms or even some top firms look for ways to minimize the expenses and costs thus, they also look for some rental options that can help then in the process of designing and developing the exhibition stand.

Fitting Within Your Budget

Many firms are concerned when it comes to incurring expenses and various types of costs associated with creating and designing the exhibition stand. The exhibition budget clearly describes the size, type, features and various other elements that a firm can afford in order to execute the process of designing a unique exhibition stand. So in order to develop the stand, first thing to consider is your company’s image and the way you want to represent via an exhibition stand incorporating elements like high quality, hi-tech, traditional, fashionable, contemporary. Furthermore choosing the color schemes, the effects, Photoshop elements to be used, designing and the images that you want to add are important. All these elements should fit the budget that you have.

Space allocations is yet an important issue too when it comes to budget as well as for the execution. Picking up a best display in which you can utilize the allocated space and install your setup easily and in such a way that grabs the attention. The display must clearly define your identity, what you offer and what the benefits of your service/product are and briefly explain those in the exhibition stand.