How you can Choose Right Space for Exhibition Stand

Tips of Sizing Up Your Competitors at DWTC Exhibition Hall

You are not the only Dubai based company that offers specific product at the exhibition, but there are a lot more businesses offering the same product and also their target market are the same as yours. Naturally, you don’t want to design your trade show stand that is boring and dull while on the other hand the stand of your competitors has all the potential to attract visitors.

However, comparing two stands is a bit difficult, as different people judge the stand from different factors, such as some like colors, some logos, some go to the banners, etc. Sizing up or comparing the competition is normal and can help you improve your exhibition stand in the future.

If you say that every other participant in the exhibition is your competitor then it will not be wrong, even the businesses whose products are entirely different from yours are also your competitors. If you get some time, wander around and take a look at the other’s stand at the exhibition. This will help you design a better exhibition stand in future exhibitions.

You can also ask the staff to wander around and note down what they like in particular stand. Find out what other businesses are offering. Ask the staff members to carefully consider each and every factor such as, moving elements, fabrics or textures, walls, lights, signs, banners, etc.

You can also do all this before designing your stand by attending some local exhibitions. Jot down everything you like or dislike about the stands there, the things that attracts you most, what gives you a comfortable feeling and what makes you uncomfortable and most importantly how to make your product stand out that grab visitor’s attention. All this information is a big help in designing your exhibition stand that will stand you out amongst the competitors.

Remember, that an exhibition is one of the best ways to take your company on to the heights of success and this is only possible if your stand has the potential to attract visitors. If you are new in this field, carefully check out what your competitors are offering in terms of marketing message, products and services.

An exhibition is also the best time for making relationships with other businesses in your particular industry. You can by networking with different participants can generate leads and then can easily convert these leads into sales.

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