Middle East Energy (MEE) Exhibition Dubai

Tips to Stand Out in Middle East Energy (MEE) Exhibition Dubai

Exhibition isn’t a new word for many of us who have attended, participated in exhibitions. Some of have been there as a participant, a company representative or as customers who look out for some great exhibition stands. Thus for a company’s point of view exhibitions stands are of great importance since a firm is investing its money, resources, time and most importantly its staff for promoting its product or services and to beat the completion. In order to be a successful exhibition participant in Middle East Energy (MEE) Exhibition Dubai a big company name isn’t enough, what is needed is to have a unique yet appealing exhibition stand that can make you stand out and attract a large pool of customers, potential clients etc.

Designing an exhibition stand

On daily basis, we encountered several messages while we are going on a road, crossing a street or attending any conference. What’s important is how many of those images are we able to retain and recall? The answer is few or the ones which are innovative, appealing and touches the emotional element. The same case applies with designing of an exhibition stand, which means that an exhibition stand should have certain catchy images that instantly grabs the attention of the audience and touches their heart and soul. The first step in order to stand out and design a great exhibition stand is to understand about your product and what its target market is. Taking the advertising point of view, firms must understand what their products focus on, whether to choose a rational, logical appeal or to go for an emotional appeal. For example, ads like that of computers or some technological product uses rational way whereas ads like clothes or may be a soft drink in case of coke uses an emotional appeal.

Another study shows that, younger consumers usually have a preference for emotional ads and are attracted and responsive towards ads that incorporates emotions. This applies to hedonistic products, whereas the same group also response greatly to fact-based advertisements if the product is a utilitarian one. Whereas older consumers highly preferred affective ads for almost any kind of product. Thus a firm must understand its target market clearly in order to design an exhibition stand accordingly to elicit greater consumer response.

The use of images

Images today are considered as a backbone of the exhibition stands that are unique and use innovative ideas to grab audience’s attention. Images usually play on one’s intuition and create perception in the customers’ mind regarding the brand. It also focuses on our subconscious and conscious minds. Thus, this strategy can also be applied in designing the exhibition stands and to convey your message through the use of images that represent your brand, its positioning and the idea you want to deliver in order to create an image of your brand in minds of consumers. Applying this concept is easy if you have a wide emotional and rational appeal. Your stand should focus on both the appeals but according to the overall product’s features you should develop a ratio of these appeals. Using such strategies and using images can draw consumers and make them feel that yes you are unique, creative and someone worth spending your time on.

Designing a custom made stand

Another important dimension to focus on for standing out in Middle East Energy (MEE) Exhibition Dubai is to focus on designing a customized stand which allows a firm or a seller to analyze and think about all the aspects of a product or service and how the overall offering is aligned with marketing. Thinking and focusing on creating a unique stand will help you to cater to large number of customers, deliver your brand more easily to consumers. A custom made stand highlights your brands, its color, its positioning and other various elements to generate customer’s response. If you use excellent colors and image that depicts and positions your brand clearly in the minds of consumers then you will be able to stand out among your competitors. It’s preferred to make your stand built around images and colors to make it look appealing and to attract people. Also, it is recommended that you limit the messages, avoid providing too much information in your stand and provide only specific information that is relevant.