Middle East Organic & Natural Products Expo Dubai

Top 9 reasons to exhibit at the Middle East Organic and Natural Product Expo

The Middle East Organic and Natural Product Expo Dubai, held at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, is the Middle East’s only event that focuses on organic and natural products. For the last 20 years, it has been connecting suppliers with buyers. The expo is supported by the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM), and is held under the patronage of the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment UAE.

With over $546 billion worth of goods being sent out from the trade hub, UAE holds the position as the third largest re-exporter in the world. What makes it a popular center for re-export is the unique location that allows it to link hemispheres together.

The expo has doubled in size over the years, which is a reflection of the growing popularity of the natural and organic industry in the region. Two special events are currently a part of the expo – the Tea & Coffee Pavilion and the Traditional, Complementary, and Alternative Medicine (TCAM) Conference & Expo.

The expo focuses on the 5 natural market segments – Food & Beverages, Health, Beauty, Living, and Environment. It is the ideal place to source organic and natural products and is the largest gathering of bioproducts in the region.

Business Opportunities for you at The Middle East Organic and Natural Product Expo Dubai  

  • Import and Re-export
  • Food imports of the Gulf Co-operation Council countries alone is estimated to reach $53.1 billion by 2022.
  • With over $546 billion worth of goods being sent out from the trade hub Dubai holds the position as the third largest re-exporter in the world.


The consumers in the region are keen on buying organic and natural products. As a result, in the last four years, retail shelf space for organic products has gone up by 60%! Some retail chains that supply organic produce saw an unbelievable 200% increase in purchases in the last few years. To cater to the growing market retail giants of the region have started to devote exclusive sections to natural and organic products.

In the Middle East, e-commerce has been growing at a breakneck pace. The online commerce sector has reached $69 billion this year. And the consumers are mostly young and tech-savvy people who comprise 40% of the population (age group of 20-39). They look for quick, convenient, and secure ways to buy products.

The Middle East Organic Market’s Growth

In the last couple of years, the growth of the Middle East organic market has been nothing short of exponential. The commercial hub is the perfect place to kickstart opportunities in the booming natural and organic products market that is fuelled by an increasing shift towards healthy living and high disposable incomes. There is a huge untapped market for any organic, non-GMO, gluten and paraben-free, or natural products, and for producers or manufacturers, this is a great opportunity to enter the market.

By 2023 it is predicted that the regional market for organic and natural beauty products will reach $5 billion in value. And the F&B market for organic goods is expected to be worth $18.42 billion!

Recent Market Developments

  • Over the past 4 years retail shelf space for natural products grew by 60%
  • For international organic manufacturers, there are huge opportunities in the region as 92% of products are currently being imported
  • Due to its ideal geographical location, UAE is the third largest re-exporter in the world
  • A few years ago, major retailers tested the organic waters and now order up to 10 times the amount from distributors and wholesalers
  • For imported natural products HoReCa’s industry position as an international F&B destination spurs demand

Location Advantage

Dubai’s unique geographical location makes the region an important gateway to Europe and Asia and is a crucial link in international trade routes.


The Middle East Organic and Natural Product Expo expect over 10,000 B2B importers, retailers, re-exporters, and distributors from the region, apart from exposure to 35,000+ buyers on ArabianOrganics.

Who exhibits at The Middle East Organic and Natural Product Expo Dubai?

  • Food & Beverages
  • Beauty & Cosmetics
  • Health & Wellness
  • Agriculture & Environment
  • Sustainable Living

Expo highlights

  • 36% increase in visitors
  • 32800+ Pre-Scheduled Meetings
  • 44000+ Live Buyer Attendees
  • 4366+ Product Enquiries Generated

Why Exhibit

  1. Manually selected matching your product and buyer type.
  2. Monthly Buyer Recommendation
  3. Online shop @ArabianOrganics.com
  4. Live product showcase @Organic Majlis
  5. Setup your free online shop at the region’s leading B2B e-commerce portal and present to over 5,000 relevant buyers in a 5-minute demo slot
  6. Buyer meetings in real-time
  7. Expo online portal to connect with buyers
  8. Product specific inquiries
  9. Through Facebook & Google ads your product is promoted to over 1,00,000 buyers
  10. Product Registration
  11. Assistance in registering your products locally
  12. Complete fulfillment package
  13. Warehousing, customs clearance, and delivery to the customer
  14. Pre-arranged meetings
  15. Through the expo’s portal, schedule meetings with buyers of your choice
  16. VIP Buyer Programme
  17. An opportunity to meet top buyers in the region
  18. The buyer management team works on arranging ad-hoc meetings for you
  19. Onsite Matchmaking
  20. Post-event Follow-up
  21. Continue to connect with buyers through Arabian Organics and be a part of the post-event campaign.
  22. Find business partners both online and face to face

Taking place across 3 days the Organic and Natural Conference will feature a combination of panel discussions, presentations, and fireside chats.

It is the only platform in the Middle East for retailers, distributors, wholesalers, HORECA experts, and exporters to come together and discuss the latest trends, updates on product certifications and labeling, retail strategies, and export and gain first-hand insights into the region’s organic and natural market.

The Organic and Natural Conference brings together distributors, retailers, wholesalers, HORECA experts, and re-exporters, from the following industries:

Tea & Coffee

Food & Beverage




Fresh produce

Beauty, cosmetics, skincare, and haircare


Nutraceuticals, supplements & probiotics

Sustainable living & environment

Mom, baby & child

Organic & sustainable farming

Why Attend The Middle East Organic and Natural Product Expo Dubai?

  • Learn what the future holds for the sector and discover the latest organic and natural trends in the Middle East
  • Hear C-suite leaders from across the region speak about re-export, distribution, and retail strategies
  • Connect with exporters waiting to expand into the Middle East
  • Get an exclusive opportunity to be a part of the organic community by networking with organic and natural industry professionals across the globe
  • Learn about upcoming product trends, and innovation and get unique insights into the future of the organic and natural industry

Why Visit The Middle East Organic and Natural Product Expo Dubai?

The Middle East Organic & natural Expo is an Essential Destination for all Organic, Natural, and Eco-Friendly Businesses as it is the only focused trade event in the Middle East and Africa. The expo brings together some of the finest products and brands around the world from the Health, Food & Beverages, Beauty, Living, and Environment sectors. The expo will be attended by 180+ global suppliers from over 50 countries bringing with them a range of over 5000+ high-quality organic, natural, and bio-products.

Top Reasons to visit The Middle East Organic and Natural Product Expo Dubai

Organic Super Kitchen

Watch, learn & taste as Masterchefs work with organic foods & health ingredients at the show.

Organic Beauty Corner

Start your clean beauty journey by getting a makeover by eminent beauty experts at the expo

Yoga Extravaganza

A chance to get initiated into the goodness of yoga and the calmness of meditation organized by experts in the field.

Specialized pavilion for Tea & Coffee

Source exclusive organic Tea & Coffee products from around the world

New product launches

Experience the newly unveiled organic products from the region

Fresh Produce Pavilion

An opportunity to procure the world’s finest fresh produce from local and international producers as they feature their products

Superfoods Pavilion

Meet the best international suppliers of the most trending category in the Middle East

Attend the Organic Conference

Learn about the changing dynamics in consumer demands post-pandemic from seasoned industry leaders as well as the natural industry.

Source Global Products Locally Year Round

Source products from recommended suppliers year-round by joining the regions only wholesale b2b website

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