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Top Priorities While Visiting an Exhibition in DWTC (Dubai World Trade Centre

The DWTC (Dubai World Trade Centre) is playing a major role in the high growth ratio of Middle East, especially high trade growth for Dubai market from last 35 years. Now, it is one of the largest exhibition and event complex in the Middle East region, having 39 multistory complex. By hosting a large number of events and exhibitions, its playing a major role in the growth of Dubai economy attracting visitors from all over the world who are attending and participating in these exhibitions. Every year Exhibition in DWTC is generating more than 25,000 jobs in different industry sectors that are taking benefits from exhibitions & events in shape of new business deals. 

Following are some useful tips for making your time during an Exhibition in DWTC visit money-making.

What Should you Do?

  • Plan your visit to make your time useful. Your time outside the office can help you get far more benefits than your office time. In current scenario of the economy, you can achieve your goals successfully if you plan out your objectives of the DWTC exhibition hall visit. Your goals depend on your professional designation during the visit and your organization policies, but it is highly suggested that you try to earn maximum out of your time.
  • Registering before the DWTC exhibition will help you save a lot of money. Furthermore, it will put you into frontline ‘most important’ category for information dissemination regarding events, shows, updates and exhibition alerts etc. Pre-registering is like gathering all the information in advance as well as becoming a part of the special shows.
  • Make sure that your time investment is ‘sufficient’ for the show. Most often, the business visitors do not achieve their complete goals. Sometimes, they don’t even achieve half of them. It happens because their visits are audience oriented but they lack enough time to deal with considerable number of business leaders and industry members of Middle East market.
  • Demonstrations have become an essential part of the Dubai exhibitions. Every demonstrator comes with something totally new. If there is nothing new in their information, then at least they can tell you about their unique experiences. Don’t hesitate to gather information. Mostly, when visitors gather information about an exhibition before the show day, they don’t pay much attention to the demonstrations because they become extra satisfied. Stay curious.
  • Dubai exhibitions are the meeting places of not only people with people but also of people with ideas. You are very likely to meet those ideas which you have never thought of. Sometimes, you meet your discarded ideas in very creative presentations. Many times you will find innovative solutions to ideas which you thought to be less productive or totally unproductive. So the best way is to look around in the exhibition and analytically observe the ideas.
  • What You Should Not Do?

  • Don’t expect that you can cover all your objectives in a few hours or a day. Even the minor shows will need more than a day to cover. Very often, you have to visit every day to meet your favorite UAE industry leader or you may become frustrated. The solution is to schedule your meetings with the industry leaders. It will help you save your time by meeting specific people in a specifically calculated time and focus other exhibition stands and exhibitors in the remaining time.
  • Don’t restrict yourself to the companies you scheduled with or decided to meet. You will be amazed to find that many companies will be providing similar services with variations in quality and prices. Many of them will be new to Middle East industry. Such companies will try their best to please you and offer as low rates as possible.
  • Don’t get too much involved in planning. Too many meetings and too long plans will end up with poor results having no strategically defined business direction. When you plan too much, you skip out of the flexible time which meetings and demonstrations take. Exhibitions give you a chance of ‘give and take’. If your meetings are dependent on rushing from one person to other, then you should fear of gaining 0% from your visit.
  • Don’t hesitate if an exhibitor deals you in person with great privacy. Exhibitors smile and look into your eyes because they want to judge your personality in terms of productivity. When you give them their expected response, they provide you great offers, deals and suggestions. If nothing such happens, then at least you will have a nice conversation with someone belonging to the mainstream industry.
  • Don’t become a laggard in attending what you gathered at the exhibition. Unfortunately, more than 85% people return from Dubai exhibitions with bags and baskets full of pamphlets, newsletters and brochures but they don’t care to reopen them. The worst part is that they don’t even bother to admit this fact. These are the information buckets which you get at no cost at all. Try to utilize at least half of this information.
  • Strokes Exhibits team of skilled consultants are always available to support you

  • Every year, DWTC Exhibition Dubai welcomes thousands of exhibitors from all over the world. If you are planning to exhibit at DWTC Exhibition Dubai, there are a few things you should keep in mind to make sure your experience is positive and successful.First and foremost, be sure to do your research. DWTC Exhibition Dubai is a large exhibition, and it can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for. take the time to familiarize yourself with the layout of the exhibition and the various types of exhibits that will be on display. This will help you make the most of your time at DWTC Exhibition Dubai and ensure that you see everything that interests you.

    Another important tip is to pre-register for your exhibit space. DWTC Exhibition Dubai is very popular, and exhibit spaces fill up quickly. By pre-registering, you’ll guarantee yourself a spot at the exhibition. And finally, don’t forget to Pack plenty of business cards! DWTC Exhibition Dubai is a great opportunity to network with other professionals in your industry. Be sure to bring plenty of business cards so you can exchange contact information with as many people as possible.

    By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your experience exhibiting at DWTC Exhibition Dubai is positive and successful. Strokes Exhibits team of skilled consultants are always available to support you and guide you through this process ensuring a smooth journey towards DWTC exhibition participation.