Use of Traffic Attracting Gadgets and Gimmicks in Exhibition Stands in Dubai

You might have seen the topics about use of traffic attracting equipments and gimmicks in the exhibition booths on LinkedIn and other social networking sites. Many people talk about how they drove traffic to their booths by using Game Apps and QR Codes in Exhibition Stands in Dubai.

Traffic attracting gadgets and gimmicks are a popular way to draw attention to exhibition stands in Dubai. Some of the most common include large inflatable animals, dancers or models, and interactive games. While these can be effective at grabbing attention, they can also be costly and time-consuming to set up and maintain. Exhibitors should weigh the benefits of using such devices against the costs and ensure that they are properly used to create the most impact.

It is really good to get to introduce to your trade booth. But unfortunately, a lacking factor of most of such discussions is the logical reason. People sincerely suggest you to use or not use things but they never give you background or the reason.

A similar recent discussion on a social media site was started by this question. ‘Should promotional girls used or not used for promotion at a Dubai trade show?’

Although, most of the well-reputed brands prefer using technological equipments for promotion, but using humans for promotion is not a bad idea at all.

The response to this discussion was really amazing. However; the direction and discussion strategy of this debate was not very benefiting. More than 95% of people preferred talking about the good and bad aspects of using girls on a trade show. But nobody cared to talk about the brand reputation, venue, exhibition theme and exhibition purpose etc.

QR Codes have become a really common and admirable component of the exhibitions. People don’t bother to publish, distribute and take brochures and newsletters etc. QR Codes perfectly accomplish this job. However; every attendee is not familiar with the QR Codes. Some people are exposed to QR Code readers for the first time. The booth representatives spent time in teaching and discussing the benefits of using QR Code readers. Attendees become interested in learning a new technology. The product (actually the purpose of exhibition) is left behind somewhere inside the booth. Sadly, the representatives start marketing QR Code readers and not their brand products.

Gadgets, gimmicks, tricks, equipments and tools are just the devices required to support your strategy. Your focus should not deviate from your objective of the Exhibition Stands in Dubai.

All of your trade shows and Exhibition Stands in Dubai can be supported by tens of technological equipments. But all equipments are not necessary in every exhibition. Before deciding your supporting tools, make sure that they are really needed. Using show passports is a new concept these days. If you want to introduce a new logo, image or stamp of the company, then using the show passports is a good idea. However; if your purpose does not reflect the show passport requirement, then why choose it?

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