Cityscape Abu Dhabi

What to expect at Cityscape Abu Dhabi?

Cityscape Abu Dhabi
Date: November 21-23, 2022
Venue: Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC)

Cityscape, Dubai’s largest real estate event, will be held at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) from November 21 to 23, 2022. The region’s leading real-estate event will give a major boost to Abu Dhabi’s real estate market and will see the participation of major government bodies, suppliers, and developers. Thousands of investors, homebuyers, and real estate professionals are expected to visit the show.

The many benefits of exhibiting in Cityscape Abu Dhabi

  • Interact with all the major leading real estate professionals
  • Get first-hand knowledge of the latest global real estate trends
  • A chance to do business with over 100 exhibiting companies

The three-day event will showcase the latest international and regional property investment opportunities.

What to look for at Cityscape Abu Dhabi

Cityscape for Residential Real Estate

In the MENA region Cityscape Abu Dhabi powers the growth and recovery of residential real estate. Industry leaders will discuss the changing market scenarios and their impact on your investments as well as other major real estate issues in the global sector.

Why attend?

Buy-to-let investors and homebuyers should not miss Cityscape. Here is why:

  • Investors planning to invest in the future or curious about the market can gain insight into leading developers’ projects and plans.
  • Get to know the current investment options
  • A chance to hear from developers, economists, asset managers, and other key industry experts at Cityscape Talks and the Summit
  • Gain a thorough knowledge of the macro-economic outlook of global real estate markets and the GCC region

GCC Region Attracts Residential Buyers and Investors over the last few years as prices have dropped dramatically, and is expected to decrease further making the GCC region lucrative for residential buyers and investors. But that’s not all. There are more reasons.

  1. a) For long-term investments this is the best option as this trend will make properties even more affordable.
  2. In the GCC there are more affordable mortgages, with relaxed payment terms.
  3. c) For first-time homeowners a 5% increase in LTV for mortgages.
  4. d) Reduced utility bills.

Cityscape Abu Dhabi for Commercial Real Estate

At Cityscape, you get a chance to understand the latest trends affecting commercial property. It’s your chance to get a grip on the changing real estate landscape by attending free seminars and talks by leading experts.

Why attend?

For investors, architects, brokers, and others looking for real estate and commercial investment opportunities across the MENA region and beyond this is an unmissable event.

Attend free seminars and talks on the show floor and understand the innovation and change affecting commercial real estate.

Whether you are an investor searching for new assets or an architect looking to promote your services to developers here is your chance to interact and network with commercial real estate influencers across the globe.

The GCC Region is attractive for Commercial Investors and Buyers as going by the trends the commercial office space will continue to grow in emerging markets.

There is more focus on office spaces that promote health and are environmentally friendly.

Why attend?

Here are some of the reasons why Cityscape is crucial for investors, industrial buyers, and industry stakeholders:

  • To get to know the latest trends in the industrial real estate sector
  • A chance to attend free talks and seminars on the exhibition floor
  • Build B2B contacts with architects, developers, investors, and other industry professionals from across the GCC and MENA region.

GCC Region is attractive for Industrial Buyers and Investors as the demand for industrial real estate is positively stable over the years. Logistics firms and online retailers are continuing to expand their warehouse operations, thanks to the steady growth of the e-commerce sector. This is also attributed to the growth of the technology, manufacturing, oil and gas, food and beverage, general trading, engineering, and construction sectors.

Another good news is that investment interest in industrial and logistics real estate assets is continuing to grow strong. If the market trend is any indication, there is a huge demand for high-quality industrial and logistics centers that are in close proximity to ports or airports.

Not only in the MENA region but internationally too the demand for state-of-the-art, modern, and competitively priced logistics and warehousing centers is steadily growing.

Cityscape for Retail Real Estate

The property market is on the path of recovery in the post-Covid world and Cityscape is expected to provide a platform where investors can gain ideas for their future investments.

Why attend?

Cityscape is an unmissable opportunity not only for investors but also for fund asset managers looking for long-term investment opportunities.

It is a great opportunity for fund managers and developers from across the GCC and MENA regions to meet, network and grow their business with investors.

They can also attend free seminars and talks on the show floor and at the Summit and learn ideas shaping the sector as well as other key issues

Retail is important to the GCC Region. Here is why?

For the GCC region retail is a major source of income, and over the next year as global supply chains return to their pre-COVID levels, it will continue to evolve as a market.

The increase in demand for port space, warehousing, shipping, and delivery is an indication of the growing eCommerce sector.

Cityscape for Hospitality Real Estate

Cityscape brings together the GCC and MENA region’s biggest investors, industry stakeholders, and thought leaders to network, share knowledge and do business, not just in MENA, but across the globe.

Why attend?

  • This is an essential event for investors, industry stakeholders, and asset managers.
  • A great opportunity to network with fund managers, high-level investors, and developers.
  • A chance to attend free seminars and gain high-level insights.

Hospitality is important to the GCC Region. Here is why:

Hospitality will continue to play a leading role in the coming years as tourism is a major pillar of the GCC economy. Since COVID-imposed travel restrictions around the world are lifted the hospitality sector is expecting a boom.

All about Cityscape Global

Cityscape Global is an in-person, hybrid, and virtual event that connects homebuyers, investors, industry professionals, and HNWI with real estate suppliers, including architects, developers, government, designers, and financial services.

The heritage of Cityscape Global spans 20 years. It has steadily grown into the most influential and prestigious real estate development, investment, and networking event in the region. It’s a platform for industry professionals to learn, network, and share insights. It also provides an opportunity to meet key experts and build long-standing B2B partnerships and get into a business that would in turn promotes the region’s and real estate market’s re-stabilization.

Cityscape Global attracts top-tier private and institutional investors, legal services, architects, developers, consultants, and B2B professionals. Its aim is to unite the real estate community and get back to business.

How to get noticed at Cityscape?

If you want your company to stand out from the crowd it’s crucial to use effective marketing. Exhibition contractors Dubai will be able to build the right package based on your company’s objectives and goals.

Get the attention of your target audience

 You can use digital channels to get the attention of your desired leads before, during, and after Cityscape. Exhibition companies can help you with upcoming launches as well as specific campaigns aimed at your target audience.

Each attendee is a potential lead

Cityscape is a much-desired real estate show which is attended by investors from all spheres. It also witnesses numerous property developments and hundreds of units get sold each year. It is a show attended by serious buyers and hence each attendee at Cityscape Abu Dhabi is a potential lead waiting to be captured.

Cityscape Abu Dhabi appeals to a wider global market, which enables exhibitors to drastically expand their customer base by showcasing their products or services. To generate invaluable leads and further expand the scope of your business network you need an intensive and targeted marketing campaign promoting the participation of exhibitors prior to, during and after the event.

The exhibition is an opportunity for real estate investors and homebuyers from the region and around the world to interact with real estate experts and developers. It offers insights into leading property trends or updates on existing developments and is sales driven.

The ideal platform to network

For the region’s property sector Cityscape, Abu Dhabi is widely regarded as the barometer. Its popularity has attracted developers, investors, key decision makers overseeing both private and public real estate developments, government authorities, and high-profile speakers to meet under one roof.

It’s the best opportunity for exhibitors to engage and network with investors and thought leaders face-to-face on the show floor, and listen to global leaders at the Cityscape Abu Dhabi Conference.

It provides an opportunity for exhibitors to connect with the real estate industry stalwarts and learn about upcoming projects.    Cityscape sees regional and international property developers who are there to sell prime residential, hospitality, retail, and mixed commercial units.


The exhibition offers a great platform to build brand awareness while driving sales and creating credibility. It’s a powerful platform to meet new customers, reach out to existing clientele, and build a reliable brand.


With new and innovative launches and services, it provides an opportunity for exhibitors to draw media attention as the exhibition is widely covered by all media houses.

Learn industry trends

Cityscape Abu Dhabi is where innovations are showcased and the latest trends are launched. It is an excellent place to know the industry competition and to get to know the market value of your own products and services, all the while gaining insight into the current state of the market from industry experts.

Showcase new products and services

Cityscape Abu Dhabi sees serious investors who are on the lookout for lucrative real estate investment opportunities. That makes it the best platform for exhibitors to showcase new property developments as well as get updates on existing developments or services.

If you are not exhibiting at Cityscape you are missing a great chance to forge strong relationships with the local and international real estate community.

Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity!

Cityscape Abu Dhabi is one of the most highly anticipated events in the exhibition calendar. As an exhibition industry leader with over 20 years of experience, Strokes Exhibits is well placed to ensure your participation is a success. Our team of experts has worked on many large stands at Cityscape Abu Dhabi and can provide comprehensive support throughout the process, from initial design concepts to on-site delivery. We understand the challenges of working in such a high-profile environment and can provide bespoke solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we can help you make the most of your Cityscape Abu Dhabi participation. Contact us today to find out more.