White Paper: About Best Exhibiting Behaviors in DWTC Exhibitions Dubai

Strokes Exhibits LLC has recently completed a research and published a new white paper. The white paper research is based on 30 shows and 3341 attendees organized at Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC). Here is the extract of this white paper:

The 3P Value for Attracting People

The 3P refers to People, Promotions and Products. The attendees were asked about their reasons of attending the trade shows. Here is a percentage based compilation.

Why People Visit Trade Booths


Why People Visit Trade Booths  
On spot Activity 11%
Attractive Booth 6%
Product Information Gathering 32%
Giveaways 17%
Refreshment 8%
Product/Service Demonstration 11%
Ad/Promotion/Marketing 5%
Invitation 1%
Meet a Representative 10%
Luck 20%
Greeter 13%
Name Dominance 20%


Product Relevant Reasons

According to the given percentage table, Product Information and Product/Service Demonstration makes up a total of 32 + 11 = 43% which means that 43% people come to trade shows for gathering information.

Promotion Relevant Reasons

Promotion related reasons are many in the table. Add up all of them.

(Booth activity 11) + (Giveaways 17) + (Invitation 1) + (Ad/Promotion 5) + (Refreshment 8) = 42% total
According to the research, most of the companies do not invest 42% of their budget in promotion of their event and stand.

People Relevant Reasons

People relevant reasons are basically two according to the table. These are Meet a Representative 10% and Greeter 13%. However; the research has also included Product demonstration in this category because the demonstrations are given by people and the information deliverance depends totally on the demonstrator. So the total can be summed up as (Meet a Representative 10) + (Greeter 13) + (Product Demonstration 11) = 34%.

Other Findings

The study also included some other findings.

  • Sponsorship, advertising and pre-event marketing do not give positive results in booth visitation. Their role is to increase brand awareness. If your purpose of exhibition is to get greater number of leads, then ad and promotion should not be your choice.
  • Only 20% of people attend a show by luck. This means that the remaining 80% people came due to promotion of any kind. Therefore; pre-event promotions play 80% role in booth visitation.
  • Giveaways and greeters sum up 30% of the booth visitation.

On the whole, the success of trade shows is the combined product of the 3P.

The Unparalleled Value of Your Booth Staff

A very interesting fact that ruled out a common perception was about the booth staff. Most of the staffs believe that the visitors of booth start a conversation. However; according to the research, the attendees claimed that 89% of the booth staffs started the conversations. This means that only 11% of the people start a conversation with booth staffs on their own. An active booth staff is the key to your 89% success.

Buying Behavior is Dependent on Learning Experience

Strokes Exhibits believes that if you truly want to benefit from this research, then you must not forget this point. According to the research, a visitor is more interested in buying a product when he receives sufficient and satisfying information about it. This fact is quite dominant on plain marketing. The research shows that the attendees, who were delivered satisfying information about the services and products, showed 27% successful behavior in buying those services and products. On the other hand, the attendees ho received very less or no information about the product, showed only 6% successful behavior in buying it.

Strokes Exhibits further gives caution to the marketers. The information should be relevant and based on truth. Even if the attendant talks about the agenda of production, the information has to be correct, relevant and truth based. Otherwise, the efforts are dumped in bin.

More Recommended Behaviors

  • Give the attendees a reason to visit you.
  • The sales representatives and other participants of the staff should also invite their relatives, prospects and customers.
  • No staff training will lead to zero success.
  • Establish an environment of learning, information delivering and receiving around your stand.
  • All your demonstration ‘must’ carry your brand name repeatedly.
  • Even if someone does not seem potent to be a customer, still you should give them attention.
  • Hands on demonstrations should be memorable to the receivers, including your brand name and services.

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